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  • Jibbin’ and Jabbin’ the Holidays!

    The HOLIDAYS are right around the corner, which means new Christmas cards from JibJab! They launched a few weeks ago, but, hey, we’ve been busy making another Christmas card (coming soon), PLUS a New Year’s card already, so this blog post is a lil’ late — but still well before Santa arrives…! A CHRISTMAS RAP STORY – […]

  • Behind the Scenes of “Elf Fun Factory”!

    This holiday season, JibJab whipped up not one, but TWO eCards! One uses cutting edge CGI technology (computers and stuff), while the other went more old school (stop motion animation). It’s the best of both worlds! First up, we’ll get hi tech with our CGI card, “Elf Fun Factory“… All of our productions start with […]

  • Elf… and ElfYourself!

    Evan was watching TV (to be specific, the movie Elf!) with the fam when what should pop up on screen? A commercial OfficeMax had made for ElfYourself! Luckily, thanks to the miracle of DVR they could rewind and nab a second glance at all of it’s widescreen goodness.  Elfin awesome!

  • Go Behind the Scenes with ElfYourself!

    Another year, another two new ElfYourself videos to add to the ever growing collection at!  This year we got to make good on an idea we’ve been excited about tackling for years, ElfYourself Surf! Before we got to animating, we had dancers come down to our freshly painted blue-screen to film some new moves. […]

  • The Elfin DeGeneres Show!

    Hey, stuff we made was on Ellen today! Ellen officially caught elf fever, showing the new ElfYourself 80’s video on air as well as posting the new ElfYourself Surf video to her website as a bonus! Now that’s an amazing start to the holiday season! Be like Ellen and get elfin’ here!

  • ElfYourself 2010 is Here!

    We have so. much. stuff. to share after our big launch yesterday, but we might as well start with the biggest and best of all… ElfYourself is here! Two new dances join six classic ones and for the first time ever you can purchase them all together on high resolution DVDs.  Give ElfYourself 2010 a […]

  • We Made the Local News!

    As the elves of ElfYourself prep to make their voyage back to the North Pole this weekend, we’re looking back at all the cool milestones we hit this year, including the impressive number of local news stations that elfed themselves! So many states had their news teams elfing, and many were thanks to fans tweeting […]

  • The Elves Are Packing It Up

    On January 18th, the elves of ElfYourself will be headed back to the North Pole, not to return until the next holiday season.  With going offline, this also means that your ElfYourself creations will be lost, unless downloaded to your desktop.  If you need instructions on downloading ElfYourself movies to save forever, check out […]

  • The Royal ElfYourself

    According to The Daily Mail, Prince Harry created an ElfYourself and sent it as his Christmas greeting this year!  About time dancing elves made the trades, though the site missed the most important thing, a link!  So in tribute to the idea of a royal ElfYourself, we cooked up a royally awesome equivalent.  Enjoy! Update: […]

  • Elf Yourself Animatic!

    And you thought your face on the elves was funny. This look behind the curtain at how we made ElfYourself’s singing medley was far too ridiculous not to share.  Special props to Devin and Ian for being hilarious at all times.

  • Our RagTag Christmas Tree

    We busted the old tree out of the box this week, adorning her with candy canes, ElfYourself ornaments and the occasional Nasty Santa doll left over from a few years back.  For a star, we made good use of a JibJab beanie cap with a dart stuck on it.  That’s just how we roll here.  […]

  • The ElfYourself Album

    For one final look behind the scenes at ElfYourself, we’ve posted a Facebook album with our 37 favorite photos.  Enjoy! Meanwhile, has anyone seen this awesome video of the elves arriving in New York City? Epic!

  • The Faces Behind the ElfYourself’s Dances!

    When it came to getting dancers for this year’s Hip Hop ElfYourself we knew exactly who to turn to… the incredible talents of the guys fromSickStep! You may recognize the moves of JibJab’s favorite dance crew from our last foray into break dancing, the aptly titled Breakin. Luckily they were cool with donning elf outfits […]

  • Creating Elf Wear

    When Office Max started ElfYourself back in 2006, the elves had a fairly simple dance routine in a very specific green outfit. To the untrained eye, it would seem that the classic outfit hasn’t changed much over the last three years, but secretly it has seen a few upgrades. We learned our lesson last year, […]

  • New Gifts Available!

    The ElfYourself experience is rolling and we wanted to highlight some of the new gifts, available only in our ElfYourself store! Along with the usual greeting cards, mousepads and mugs, you now have the option to get your face on playing cards, ornaments and BLANKETS! Of course, any new products we considered went through tons […]