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The Royal ElfYourself

According to The Daily Mail, Prince Harry created an ElfYourself and sent it as his Christmas greeting this year!  About time dancing elves made the trades, though the site missed the most important thing, a link!  So in tribute to the idea of a royal ElfYourself, we cooked up a royally awesome equivalent.  Enjoy!

Update: Not to start a tabloid war, but the Sun has the original video!

7 responses to “The Royal ElfYourself”

  1. lovely! very very good. thank you Prince Harry…. for maintaing the royalty, yet, sharing you, being human, as are the rest of us!!!

  2. i love Elf your self so much, that i made numerous dances with family members, combined with other videos such as its a jibjab life, a christmas carol, snowball fight ( all the christmas videos in fact), i down loaded them all, and put them on to dvds, and handed them out as christmas presents. plus sent them from the uk to family and friends in the USA, CANADA, THE PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, and as far as i know everybody loves them

  3. Elf yourself is so funny cause once in primary school my teacher took a picture of everyone in the class and we were very curious
    to know why then 2 hours later she showed us some videos of elves dancing with our faces in them it was so funny we were all laughing so much and after that me and my mum decided to send some to the family and they loves it to. It cheers you up alot and makes you laugh when your sad. xxxxx

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