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Behind the Scenes of “Elf Fun Factory”!

This holiday season, JibJab whipped up not one, but TWO eCards! One uses cutting edge CGI technology (computers and stuff), while the other went more old school (stop motion animation). It’s the best of both worlds! First up, we’ll get hi tech with our CGI card, “Elf Fun Factory“…


All of our productions start with an animatic. This one was created by director Jeff Gill, who loves elf fashion and dancing to calypso music, particularly the Harry Belefonte classic “Jump in the Line.” Thank goodness the holidays give him a creative outlet for it all…

Next, Jeff works with our 3D modeling and animation team to bring his animatic to life. Animators Taylor Clutter, Michelle Kwon, Reece Porter, and Kevin Temmer had to literally think like elves in order to achieve Jeff’s vision. No small task, despite any elf puns that might’ve popped in your head like so many sugar canes. Taylor cut together this progression video, showing the card from animatic to finished visuals…

Once the action is all in place, our animators add finishing touches like lighting and texturing are added to give it that hyper-real cartoon flavor discerning audiences love, while still retaining that scrappy JibJab charm — but then there’s still one important, unseen step… sound effects! Our resident audio guru Nick Ainsworth adds this finishing touch to the production. The best way to truly appreciate it is without music…

Finally, designer Jaime Williams created the logo at the top of this post and the casting card at the bottom of it while tech artist Robbie Harrison finished and bundled everything for uploading to!


Send this slice of holiday hilarity to someone you want to make laugh today!


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