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Stick Your Face In It!

New Gifts Available!

The ElfYourself experience is rolling and we wanted to highlight some of the new gifts, available only in our ElfYourself store! Along with the usual greeting cards, mousepads and mugs, you now have the option to get your face on playing cards, ornaments and BLANKETS!

Of course, any new products we considered went through tons of testing. And that meant putting employee heads on early models of the blankets, creating abominations like this cozy clone comforter.

We have dozens of those test blankets hanging around. Too bad it doesn’t get freezing cold in Southern California. As the holidays approach make sure to get your orders in soon for the best pricing! Since these are created individually, it can take up to a week to manufacture and without premium shipping, up to an additional 14 days for the USPS to deliver. We would recommend ordering before December 3rd for the best rate, and before December 11th to make it in time for Christmas!


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