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  • We Scoff at Your Box of Chocolates

    And also at your bouquet of flowers. While our new Valentine’s Day stuff hits the site next week, now is the time to order Valentine’s Day gifts of the JibJab variety.  How can you do this?  Visit this page and create any still image. Once you’re done, you’ll see a prompt to make gifts out […]

  • Last Days to Order DVDs, Magnets, Puzzles!

    Heads up! If you’re thinking about getting JibJab Christmas presents, the absolute latest you can order our gifts is this weekend! Standard shipping options are close now, but there is still time for expedited shipping options. You’ll have to order for most hard good items before 8pm Pacific Time so we have the ability to […]

  • Heads Up! One Month Till Valentine’s Day!

    It’s one month’s time until Valentine’s Day, and while we won’t be launching our newest JibJab Valentine’s Day cards until February, now is the time to order hard good gifts in order for delivery by Feb the 14th.  Ready to avoid the lameness of stopping by the drug store the day before and picking out […]

  • New Gifts Available!

    The ElfYourself experience is rolling and we wanted to highlight some of the new gifts, available only in our ElfYourself store! Along with the usual greeting cards, mousepads and mugs, you now have the option to get your face on playing cards, ornaments and BLANKETS! Of course, any new products we considered went through tons […]