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Heads Up! One Month Till Valentine’s Day!

It’s one month’s time until Valentine’s Day, and while we won’t be launching our newest JibJab Valentine’s Day cards until February, now is the time to order hard good gifts in order for delivery by Feb the 14th.  Ready to avoid the lameness of stopping by the drug store the day before and picking out something dull?  Good! Here’s what you do… follow this link and create a JibJab still card.  Once created look for the “VISIT STORE” button to see what goods you can purchase for your Valentine. These still image cards will remain free until February 1st, so get creative and make away!

Since these are created individually, it can take up to a week to manufacture and without premium shipping, up to an additional 14 days for the USPS to deliver. We would recommend ordering before January 25th for the best rate, and before February 1st to make it in time for Valentine’s Day!


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