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Creating Elf Wear

When Office Max started ElfYourself back in 2006, the elves had a fairly simple dance routine in a very specific green outfit. To the untrained eye, it would seem that the classic outfit hasn’t changed much over the last three years, but secretly it has seen a few upgrades. We learned our lesson last year, when we pushed the classic green costumes to the limit while creating Disco and Country dances. We tore big holes in the pants which we had to edit out in post production, quite embarrassing for our elves.

With a breakdance topping this year’s list of new dances, we had to step up the elasticity and provide tights and seams that wouldn’t burst, no matter how many propeller spins the elves might do. Creating the perfect Elf costume was no easy task, but our costume designer Adam (below) stepped it up and made us some amazing threads that held steady. Thanks for keeping pants on the elves, Adam!

Meanwhile, Office Max put together a viral sensation in New York that had hundreds of costumes in motion. Don’t ask us how they got those hats to stay on, the answer can only be elf magic.

5 responses to “Creating Elf Wear”

  1. I work for officemax and want to be the customer service elf on black friday…how in the world to i get or make a costume like this no one carries them and if they do they’re WAY too expensive for a once a year outfit for work!

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