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Go Behind the Scenes with ElfYourself!

Another year, another two new ElfYourself videos to add to the ever growing collection at!  This year we got to make good on an idea we’ve been excited about tackling for years, ElfYourself Surf! Before we got to animating, we had dancers come down to our freshly painted blue-screen to film some new moves. Before ElfYourself took over our studio we were sporting a green screen, but the classic forest green outfits called for a paint job.  To see a whole buncha behind the scenes pics and learn some tidbits about making ElfYourself, click here and check out our Facebook album!


4 responses to “Go Behind the Scenes with ElfYourself!”

  1. Hola…
    Soy de Bogota Colombia y miembro apenas hace 8 dias, me parecen muy buenos en lo que hacen, pero me gustaria que trabajaran con temas colombianos, ya que muchos de los videos que hacen no los conocemos aqui.

    Tambien pense si podrian no solamente que uno coloque las caras, sino tambien poder poner la cancion que uno quiera.

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