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Famous Fan-Made JibJabs!

In today’s blog we wanted to feature one of the coolest uses of Starring You we’ve seen… celebrities retweeting and sharing fan-made JibJabs. Just because we think it’s awesome. So pardon us as we go from behind the scenes production blog to gossip rag, because cere are some celebrity endorsed Starring Yous that we’ve seen […]

How-To Starring You

One question we get quite often is “how do you make a Starring You video?”. It’s a simple process, but we found it kind of hard to sum up without visual accompaniment. While you can find instructions while making a video and additional information in our FAQ, we’ve decided to go another step and create […]

An Elf Invasion!

We’ve seen some great shout outs from friends and press since we launched ElfYourself 2009, and we’re so excited, we just had to share them! TechCrunch had a leg up on the story and posted last night… it wasn’t long before Mashable got in the mix… we were lucky enough for CNN Money to run […]

The Elves Are Back!

Office Max and JibJab are excited to usher 2009’s ElfYourself experience in tonight! ElfYourself has some amazing stuff built in this year, and we’ll be going through all the fun things you can do on this blog over the next few weeks. Wait, why are you still reading this? Go on and ElfYourself!