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An Elf Invasion!

We’ve seen some great shout outs from friends and press since we launched ElfYourself 2009, and we’re so excited, we just had to share them!


TechCrunch had a leg up on the story and posted last night… it wasn’t long before Mashable got in the mix… we were lucky enough for CNN Money to run the press release… and CNET joined in the geeky fun with their own coverage!

But maybe most exciting of all, we had an appearance on Ellen today! You can see Ellen, her mom and co dancing ElfYourself style in her episode recap at the 2:40 mark. She credits her mom’s choreography 😀

What a whirlwind of a first day! We’re excited to get the word out about the elves… hopefully we can nab a trending topic on twitter soon 😉

4 responses to “An Elf Invasion!”

  1. I was really glad to see you bring back ElfYourself. But, I am having a problem with how long it takes to download. I can’t hardly stand it. Is there someway to make it download faster? I have DSL and it’s still terrible. I hate to send it to anyone because I know they won’t like to wait. Any suggestions?
    thanks Brenda

  2. Hey Brenda!

    We’ve experienced some monumental traffic over the weekend! That was the cause for the slowdown. Should be back up to speed!

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