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The Grand Finale!

We always aim for a big ending but we knew coming out of this piece it would have to be epic!  Given the storyline it didn’t necessarily lend itself to a “gag” ending and there had been so much amazing art, animation and design created that to do anything less than a monumental shot would […]

JibJab Reactions!

Today’s blog post is a little more Starring You than usual. We’ve found a slew of JibJab reaction videos that seriously crack us up. Sometimes you’ve got to wonder what’s funnier, the castable video or the audience reactions. We’ll let you be the judge. Thanks to all the fans that made these! We secretly want […]

Something to Write Home About

Ever since we opened up the lines of communication with our fans by blog, Twitter and Facebook, the out pour of amazing feedback has been nothing short of overwhelming.  We read every message and comment that we get, and one we received today was worth writing home about, literally. Dear JibJab Geniuses First, i am […]