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Dear JibJabbers,

Today we announced a very exciting milestone as a company: over the past twelve months, we have processed over 1 million orders from customers. Why is this so exciting? Three years ago, our future was very uncertain.  We were having huge success getting audiences to see our political satires, but we were unable to build a business around them.  We knew that if we didn’t figure out a business model soon, we’d have to go out and get real jobs.

When we discovered that American Greetings had a huge business in paid eCards, we bet the company – and our future – on the idea that if we created high quality eCards, we could build a Membership-focused business model as well. The one millionth transactions is a big milestone for us on the journey to financial profitability – which is essential if we are to continue growing, creating and innovating in online entertainment.

Thank you to all of you who have trusted us enough to become JibJab customers. There is no higher compliment for our team than knowing you spent a few of your hard earned bucks on the products we’ve built. Rest assured we are working our tails off, and re-investing all of the proceeds from these sales, into making more things to make you laugh.

Gratefully Yours,
Evan, Gregg & the Whole JibJab Team

Big "Thanks" from the Whole Team at JibJab!

4 responses to “Thank You!”

  1. I am very happy for you and I love your work.Now that I know what all of you look like…My question is….Don’t you have a Brotha or a Sista in your group??? Just asking that’s all.I like to see different people working together and I don’t see it.Or maybe theirs one now that I zoomed in.If you need someone get back to me.I’m not that good at it but I mite help.My kids mite help also.James my oldest just Graduated High School and wanted to go to school for Graphics so this would be good for him.

  2. Thanks to you for all the pleasure I have had from the crew at Jib-Jab..I haven’t purchased a greeting card for two years now HHAA

  3. Fun for so many. You do cover a lot of bases with your slection’s. No matter what game they are playing. Keep the good times rolling
    Please keep it affordable. Makes it more fun.
    Thank you

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