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We’ve been modifying action figures for an upcoming short and this ridiculous one needed a… reduction of sorts to be a little more family friendly.  Once we saw how creepy Devin looked with a mask on and the dremel tool, we had to throw some weird sunglasses on him to complete the look.  One thing lead to another, and soon the picture was getting passed around our e-mail as a caption contest.

  • It’s hard to see in this picture, but he’s also crying and mumbling the lyrics to the song “Barbie Girl”
  • No matter what type of kinky stuff you are in to, always wear a “glove”
  • Observe, the young Tuskon Raider at play
  • One of us! One of us!
  • Somewhere in Beverly Hills, suddenly Scarlett Johansson’s boobs started to hurt.
  • Most people would call this strange, weird or freaky.  Devin simply calls it “me time”.
  • Let’s see you cheat on Ken now!
  • It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the dremel tool again.

Think you can do better?  We’ll send a JibJab t-shirt to our favorite caption left in the comments here or on our Facebook fan page.  If you post here, just make sure to include your e-mail address.


EDIT: We have a winner!

“…and all the other boys laughed when i told them i’d be the one grinding on a hot girl today.”
-Shannon Beaumont

Congratulations, Shannon! You win a t-shirt!

Honorable mentions:

And so from this rough start comes the hit series “Nip & Tuck”.
Zepp a de do a, Zepp a de day my oh my I cut off her leg
-Loren Sherman
Darn! Someone has already gotten to its genitalia!
-Stephanie Moody
Drill baby, drill!
-Garret Seevers

20 responses to “Caption Contest!”

  1. Omg, in spite of my spiffy protective gear, my farts still burn my eyes and nostrils and literally melted this dolls head off.

  2. Here we see Barbie getting the first phase of her sex change surgery. Tune in next week to see the addition of external plumbing.

  3. This picture would proceed to appear on every tabloid magazine in the country and Rick Astley’s reputation would be ruined.

  4. […] Caption Contest 2! When we posted about Rock Band earlier this week, people started leaving captions on this picture as if it were a caption contest.  So now that they’ve started, why not take it all the way? This is Dan, JibJab’s community man and blogger extraordinaire, singing his heart out to either Linkin Park or Bon Jovi. The best caption here or on our Facebook page gets a free JibJab t-shirt in one week’s time!  Don’t forget to check out last week’s winner too! […]

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