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Vacationers Beware

As much fun as it is to work here at JibJab — see here and here and here — even we need a vacation. However, the JibJab elves, who have apparently not left the building for the season, like to punish those who dare to take some time off.

While Tim was away, all the JibJab Art, Tech and Business talent joined forces to implement the ole Wrap-The-Desk-In-Plastic-Wrap Trick on him.

Please note the extra care they took to individually wrap any tool that could be used to help cut the plastic off; it’s been three days and Tim is still removing the plastic.

The Plastic Desk

Summary statistics:

Plastic wrap used = 500 square feet

Employees involved = 36

Employees dumbfounded after dragging themselves in early on a Monday morning after an exhausting vacation = 1

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