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The Best Way to Earn a Free Membership!

We were astounded to see the Monster Mash show up on news channels all over the country last week, but the best part is that we totally have our awesome community of JibJab fans to thank. JibJabbers took to tweeting and facebooking personalized Monster Mashes at and on the pages of local news teams and cable shows like Fox and Friends, giving the newscasters a little something to laugh about and scoring some major on-air time! As a little thank you, we’re tracking down the folks that submitted JibJabs to their favorite anchors and awarding them with free t-shirts and free memberships! @TnMe, you’re first for JibJabbing the folks of Fox and Friends!

As we hit the holiday season, try JibJabbing your favorite action news team. If it makes air, shoot us a note and we’ll shoot you a membership and a t-shirt!

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