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The Elves Are Back!

Office Max and JibJab are excited to usher 2009’s ElfYourself experience in tonight! ElfYourself has some amazing stuff built in this year, and we’ll be going through all the fun things you can do on this blog over the next few weeks. Wait, why are you still reading this? Go on and ElfYourself!


9 responses to “The Elves Are Back!”

  1. How about a group of singing and/or dancing elfs so I can do up several people at once??

    Also, what else (videos) have you got for Christmas that would include several people?

  2. Hey Dave,

    All dances and singing videos allow you to cast up to 5 people! Just fill in all blank question marks in the head create area to the number of people you want to dance or sing!

    You’ll see all of our Christmas catalog soon, launching next week.

  3. I can’t get elf yourself to work … it takes me a screen with the elf yourself logo and a twisting horizontal candy cane then nothing!

  4. Howdy Lil,

    This weekend we saw some server shattering site traffic that had us moving a little slowly. Things should be back up to speed by now!


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