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ElfYourself 2010 is Here!

We have so. much. stuff. to share after our big launch yesterday, but we might as well start with the biggest and best of all… ElfYourself is here! Two new dances join six classic ones and for the first time ever you can purchase them all together on high resolution DVDs.  Give ElfYourself 2010 a whirl by clicking below!


29 responses to “ElfYourself 2010 is Here!”

    • Hey David, we are offering DVD’s in addition to downloads this year. The ability to download to your computer still stands 😀

  1. ….other years i haven’t had to become a paid member, my vids are not downloading for some reason this year, is it because i am not a paid member?

    • Hello Anna, We’re not sure why your videos aren’t downloading, but it certainly isn’t because you’re not a paid member. Shoot us an email at with more details and maybe we can resolve this issue for you. Thanks!

  2. Je suis un fidèle des années précédentes, et je voudrais à nouveau m’abonner pour pouvoir conserver mes enregistrements. renseignements en français, s’il vous plait

  3. This isn’t nearly as funny as previous years when the moves would move. Very disappointed 😦 It’s only the 23rd of November…please correct this issue!

  4. There is no option for the mouths to move in the singing one. We were going to buy a bunch of these and give them to family as gifts. Its just not the same without the mouth option.

  5. Why can’t my friends open the elf dance that I sent them ??? They have been informed that there is an email from elf yourself but can not access it.Please send info to help.

  6. Why don’t the mouths move this year in the singing elf yourself? I wanted to purchase several of these today to send as gifts but the mouths don’t move. It was so funny with the moving mouths and just doesn’t have the same impact. It appears that others have mentioned this same disappointment but nobody from JibJab posted a reply. Please let us know why this isn’t an option anymore.

  7. I want to become a menber but when I open ex: elfyourself I get jus a part of the screen flashing. I did download flasplayer and it still doesn’t open properly What is wrong??? thank you in advance

  8. It’s true- I have been looking forward to this for months and usually I’m rolling around with laughter. This year I can’t view it full screen and the mouths don’t move. RUBBISH 😦

  9. Oh no. I just spent ages putting together my santa claus is coming to town. I’m sure the mouths should be moving (why position the mouths otherwise?)

  10. When I create card and it comes up with ways to send . When I choose mail . It opens my contacts . When I send . It says it has been shared . But they aren’t getting them . And Im not recieving a confirmation . Help

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