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Suiting Up Rock Stars!

For both Hanukkah Rock and Holiday Rock we wanted the boys of Rock Sugar to be sporting seriously decorative duds.  To accomplish this, we reteamed with costume designer Leighton Bowers, who had previously helped us bring the super-suit in He’s Barack Obama to life last year.  As if that wasn’t cool enough, she has also recently worked on costumes for Inception and the upcoming Captain America movie!

Our research lead us to choose Christmas clothes with lots of red but that skipped the green and went right for dark black leather.  Hanukkah clothes sported white and flairs of blue, mixed with more black.

Our Rockers would now be dressed to the 11’s, and ready to strut their stuff on stage.  See how it all turned out here and make a Rock eCard for either Christmas or Hanukkah… or check out more costume pictures in our album on Facebook!


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