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Music and Vocals

Once again we had the privilege and pleasure of working with our good friend John Frizzle on the music track.  John is an insanely talented film composer and no matter what style track or genre of music we come at him with he is always able to turn it out! John’s credits include the scores for such classics as Office Space and Beavis and Butt-head Do America (and more recently that creepy angel movie Legion!) Not only is John a gifted composer but the guy is just plain FUNNY which is right up our alley! Unfortunately this is the only picture we snapped on the day of the record. John is standing giving direction to the musicians and Freddie “The Fred-meister” Wiedmann is workin’ Logic like nobody’s business!!!

As for the voice talent, we were lucky enough to bring back the dynamic duo of Jim Meskimen and Gaberiel Mann! These two guys are a hoot when you get them in the booth together and provided all of the vocal’s for ‘Never a Year Like ’09’. Jim has been our go-to voice guy since ‘This Land‘ and we’re proud to say he’s had a role in every ‘tent pole’ production we’ve produced since. John introduced us to Gabe back in 2007 and we’ve been marveling at his vocal wizardry ever since! Gabe provided the singing voice for Obama in “Time for Some Campaignin’” and came back to be the lungs behind puppet Obama this year.

There is nothing more enjoyable for us during a production then sitting back and listing to all these guys work their magic. Seriously.

9 responses to “Music and Vocals”

  1. Could you post the words somewhere? I’m having a hard time understanding what they’re singing.
    I love the routine though.

  2. I love it. email me the words if you can. Super job
    can not hear the sound from glen beck site, so I came to your site directly. sound was better, yet hard to understand if I heard correctly, as handicapped.

  3. i love it. email me the words if you can. Super i could not hear it on the Glen Beck site , so I came to, which is better sound, yet handicapped so words not clear enough for me to hear. thanks.

  4. The words are definitely not as intelligible as they normally are on your videos – it really takes away the comedic impact because I missed a lot of what was said. You guys might want to remix it ASAP. I also liked the real faces you used to use better. Otherwise, great stuff!

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