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Best Ever Easter eCard Released: The Hop

We’ve dubbed our latest Easter eCard as the “best ever”, well because, we really think it is the best!  From the concept to the performances, to the animation and background art, this video is at the top of our list to share with all of you to create your own fun videos starring your family & friends.   Easter is just around the corner (April 24th) so get your hop on!

Also, check back with us throughout the next few weeks to see more about the making of the video & behind the scenes shots.

5 responses to “Best Ever Easter eCard Released: The Hop”

  1. I truly do hate the new set up,, love your stuff,, but am having a very hard time finding what I want to make. I’ve been with you for several years now, but you have made everything to get to sooo difficult and it’s frustrating. hate it,,,, please put it back to how it was so I can find birthday for her and dances and stuff like I used to…. please!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Less is more……. get it???


    I know I have emailed you guys before about this, but I love doing creative, and funny invites for various parties. I’m always checking your site to see if you have any clever evites. Especially ones that can be personalized(starring yourself), this would be huge! I canceled my membership with you guys, because the main reason I would want to use your website would be for hilarious evites.
    Please make some!!! I will keep checking back.

  3. ok,,,,,,,, you have the stuff,, I click on the picture I want for a birthday card,, but it never says I can personalize it!!
    I don’t want the top one with the guy! Iwant the other!!!

    • Hi Diane – We don’t have invites, but you could use our cards as an invite & put the information about the party in the message section? We don’t have the feature that keeps track of attendees though. Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at Thanks!

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