Spooky Halloween Contest!


In celebration of the JibJab Camera App launching this year, and tons of great GIFs & videos on the JibJab Ecards App, we’re hosting a Halloween contest!!!

Share your GIF creations with the #SpookyJibJab, & tag a friend for a chance to win a year-long membership to jibjab.com! Winner will be chosen at random, and announced on the 31st! (official contest rules below)

Get creative from now till the 30th. Ghoul luck! 👹

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New JibJab eCards for Easter and nostalgic New Wave fun!

Hello, countless JibJab Blog readers! As usual, it’s been too long since we’ve updated, but this time we have a couple blockbuster cards to make it worth your while!

Ready to hatch some Easter fun? Casting five in the ever-popular Chicken Dance is all it’s cracked up to be!


Easter has come and gone this year, but our Chicken Dance card also has a standard dance variety coming soon that can be used any time of the year you want to make someone laugh, laugh, laugh! Be on the look out!


Totally Devo-ted to ‘80s nostalgia? Whip your craving good by casting 5 in this iconic New Wave classic!


We also have a snazzy birthday version of “Whip It” for any of your Devo-tee pals about to celebrate another spin around this big ol’ blue marble we call Earth!





JibJab goes GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day!

Cast 5 in JibJab’s rocking St. Pat’s Day tribute to green with “Get Your Green On”! Or risk getting pinched. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Don’t get mad, get JibJab’s “Watch Out” by 2 Chainz eCard!

Don’t get mad – get RICH when you cast 2 in the smash hit video “Watch Out” by 2 Chainz!


Justin Bieber and JibJab are “Sorry”

New Justin Bieber video getting the Starring You eCard treatment? “Sorry” not sorry!


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with JibJab!

Wow, look at all the ways JibJab has to express your love via the magic of eCards! Add your face and your sweetie’s face into romantic, funny, or romantically funny eCards this Valentine’s Day. You can choose from a variety of eCards, such as these four gems…

JTTOU_sm  ItMustBeYou_sm

KillerValentine_sm  letsgetiton_sm


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — and JibJab!

JibJab teamed up with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a special Valentine’s Day eCard featuring Stephen Bishop and The Roots performing “It Might Be You.” Here’s Jimmy to explain it…

Like Mr. Fallon said, you can cast yourself and a loved one in this delightful video for FREE by going to http://www.jibjab.com/fallontine now!



JibJab takes on A-ha’s “Take On Me”!

At last you can be a part of 80s New Wave history when you and a friend star in A-ha’s iconic music video TAKE ON ME!


It’s 2016 already???

Okay, so, yeah, your humble JibJab Blog is a little behind this year. We’ve been in 2016 for 28 days as of this typing, which is the perfect time to share our 2015 New Year’s card, THIS IS THE YEAR! (Uh… yeah!)


Hey, it’ll work next  year, too, so save the link!

The End of the Road: Year in Review (2005-2014)

Reposted from JibJab’s Facebook page on December 10th:

Friends of JibJab,

We have some news that many of you will not like. After 10 years of producing JibJab Year in Review music videos, we have decided that 2014 would be the last year.

Why did we make that decision? First, completing a decade of Year in Review videos felt like quite an accomplishment. Second, after 10 years of producing them, the creative format started to feel stale to us. If we couldn’t get excited about it, we knew we’d never deliver a winner. Third, our creative siren is calling us in different directions – namely our new JibJab app (http://apple.co/1CGo9Ov) and our kids and family brand, StoryBots (http://apple.co/1MZQMvv).

For those of you who were looking forward to our Year in Review video, we are truly sorry to disappoint you. Our mission to make “Billions of People Happy” remains unchanged and we hope our newer initiatives deliver some smiles and laughs to you and the people you care about this holiday season.

Your Pals,
Evan & Gregg Spiridellis
JibJab Co-Founders (aka, the Guys in The Logo)



Fun New Holiday Gifs on JIBJAB MESSAGES!

Ho ho ho! Merry Happy! New holiday gifs all up in JibJab Messages!

unnamed (1)

unnamed-1 (1)


JibJab Brings Holiday Fun to the TODAY Show!

From JibJabber Mark:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.55.24 PM

The TODAY show jibs AND jabs!

Breaking news… The TODAY Show aired JibJab’s “A Christmas Rap Story” this morning, featuring all of the anchors alongside guest host John Cena! And bonus: Willie Geist mentions that his kids create a JibJab card every Christmas – it’s become an annual tradition in his house. (Which is nice.)

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.56.25 PM

Al Roker knows what he wants for Christmas!

There’s a slight delay between the audio and the video for some unknown reason, but rest assured, it is all good on our site!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.56.54 PM

Guest host John Cena wins a leg lamp!

Anyway, check out “A Christmas Rap Story” on The TODAY Show here!

And be on the look out for a special behind-the-scenes post for “A Christmas Rap Story” coming soon!

JibJab Hits the Ice with the LA Kings!

The JibJab Mobile Apps were featured at the Kings game at Staples Center on Tuesday. As fans in the stadium shared exclusive Jibjab Kings content it was displayed on the Jumbotron. It was incredible!


JumboJibJab at the Staples Center!


Close on the Jumbotron, plus JibJabbers Kurt and Mike at the game!

Jibbin’ and Jabbin’ the Holidays!

The HOLIDAYS are right around the corner, which means new Christmas cards from JibJab! They launched a few weeks ago, but, hey, we’ve been busy making another Christmas card (coming soon), PLUS a New Year’s card already, so this blog post is a lil’ late — but still well before Santa arrives…!


A CHRISTMAS RAP STORY – You’ll shoot your eye out when you and your homies get your Red Ryder Air Rifle in this hip-hop twist on a holiday classic!


HAWAIIAN CHRISTMAS – Cast yourself and friends in our hula-riffic holiday music video is fun, festive and way easier than saying, “Mele Kalikimaka!”

Meet the JibJabbers: Robbie Harrison!

You think eCards and Starring You hee-larity appear magically out of the ether? Nope! Human people utilize technological know-how and artistic skills to generate these LAFFS… This week we’d like to introduce you to Robbie Harrison!



1. How long have you been Jibbing and Jabbing?

Five years.

2. Where are you from originally? (Did JibJab steal you from your home?)

Los Angeles, born and raised.

3. What’s your area of creative expertise here?

Official title is Technical Director, which means I clean up other people’s messes. I also composite live action videos, which means I make messes that I then clean up.

4. It’s unfair to ask for favorites, but… what project here holds a special place in your heart?

From the Fridge – Santa’s Cookies

5. What JibJab fun are you working on at on the JibJabJob currently?

Working with the Tech department on moving existing content to the new JJ app and compositing one of our 2015 Christmas eCards, “Christmas Story Rap.”

Thanks for answering these hard hitting questions, Robbie!