JibJab has a new ecard to make you FEEL GOOD!


Show off your funky dance moves to James Brown’s greatest hit in the feel good JibJab video of the century! (Also available in Birthday, You Rock, and Love categories!)

Halloween season is off to a funky start!

You’ll be the ghost with the most when you shake your BOO-ty to our instant Halloween hit, “Funky Ghost”!


Meet the JibJabbers: Kurt Hartfelder!

You think JibJab Messages and eCards and Starring You fun just magically happens? That these laughter creators simply appear from the ether for your enjoyment? Nope! Human beings must utilize their art talents and technological know-how to create all this hilarity. Here is one such human… Kurt Hartfelder! 



1. How long have you been Jibbing and Jabbing?

Four years – starting off as a summer intern!

2. Where are you from originally? (Did JibJab steal you from your home?)

Ohio born and raised – grew up in Columbus, Ohio.

3. What’s your area of creative expertise here?

Design and Animation

4. It’s unfair to ask for favorites, but… what project here holds a special place in your heart?

Bicycle Birthday”  (It’s kinda autobiographical.)

5. What JibJab fun are you working on at on the JibJabJob currently?

I am the creative director for JibJab Messages content and I’m constantly working to come up with funny little animations for the app.

Thanks for participating in our 5-question speed round, Kurt! (And be careful on that unicycle!)

Wanna star in new JibJab music video ecards…?

Of course you do! And, as we aim to please, we have one of the big hits of the summer AND a surprise YouTube sensation…


You’re sure to have ‘em cheering when you cast two in OMI’s catchy, chart-topping superhit… “Cheerleader“! (We also have it in Anniversary, Birthday, Love, and early Valentine’s Day varieties!)


Every day can be Friday when you star in Rebecca Black’s smash hit tribute to weekends, parties, and Auto-Tune… “Friday“! (And you can send a card to say “Congrats” and/or “You Rock“!)

Meet the JibJabbers: Monica Harrion!

You think eCards and Starring You shenanigans just come outta nowhere? Just magic outta thin air? No way! Real live humans need to art and technology and plan and… science… and… stuff… Anyway, every week or so, we’re going to introduce you to some of ’em. This week is the one and only Monica Harrion!



1. How long have you been Jibbing and Jabbing?

Nine months.

2. Where are you from originally? (Did JibJab steal you from your home?)

I’m originally from Jackson, Mississippi but have been living in Los Angeles area since 2006.

3. What’s your area of creative expertise here?

I’m a Technical Artist on Starring You eCards who animate the heads and create the head assets like hair and caps for music videos. Also I work on a Storybots Starring You videos.

4. It’s unfair to ask for favorites, but… what project here holds a special place in your heart?

My fav project was the “Hey Ma’” project. I had to setup, design, animate and rotoscope all four characters.

5. What JibJab fun are you working on at on the JibJabJob currently?

My current projects are “Funky Ghost” and “Ice Ice Baby Christmas.”

Those are some delightful titles, and we’ll be on the lookout for ’em. Thanks for your time, Moni, and thanks for adding to the billions of laughs!

Fancy Friday 2015!

Some workplaces have “Casual Fridays,” but not so at JibJab! Since every day is pretty casual here, once in a while, on a random Friday, we like to get FANCY.


Talented artists, production folks, tech wizards, and customer service heroes alike enjoy dressing up and feelin’ fancy!


Our fearless leaders Gregg and Evan’s office is directly below where we took those pictures. The landing from jumping one above startled Gregg at first, but he’s recovered just fine. We think. We hope.


Okay, so… now back to shorts and tee shirts, right? At least until the NEXT FANCY FRIDAY…!

JibJab eCard Catch Up II: The Wrath of JibJab

JibJab blog readers (hi, mom!)… it’s yet again been way too long since our last post. We’ve been busy making fun Starring You Music Video eCards, though! Check ’em out!


“Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon! Music Video, Birthday, Love, Valentine’s Day


“Push It” by the immortal Salt-N-Pepa! Music Video, Baby, You Rock


“Ice Ice Baby” by the one and only Vanilla Ice! Music Video, Congrats, You Rock


This blog post has been RICK ROLLED! “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley! Music Video — and more versions soon!

JibJab eCard catch up!

JibBlogJabBloggers! It’s been a while since the last update, hasn’t it? TOO a while, if you ask us. In that time, we’ve launched some snazzy eCards. Check ’em out…!







“Impress Me,” says JibJab voice actor Jim Meskimen!

Our pal Jim Meskimen, voice of “This Land” and other classic JibJab hits, has a new TV show!

It’s called IMPRESS ME, and it’s certainly impressed team JibJab.








Check it out on Pop TV Wednesdays at 10:30/ 9:30c, and tell ’em JibJab sent you.

“Biker Bunny” Easter eCard Behind-the-Scenes!

02_Bunny1 02_Bunny2

For Easter this year, JibJab mastermind Jeff Gill came up with the idea to cast Easter Bunnies against type as rough and tumble bikers. He handed his animatic and vision to all-around CG guru Taylor Clutter (with some initial design assistance from Josiah Haworth). Tasked with making bunnies look tough to Judas Priest’s rocking anthem “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’,” Taylor didn’t hop away with his tail between his legs. Far from it!

JIBJAB BLOG: Was it a challenge to make pastel Easter bunnies tough biker types? It goes beyond motorcycles and leather vests, right?

TAYLOR CLUTTER: I think we mostly just tried to have fun with the contrast. My favorite thing about the idea for this card was the juxtaposition between tough bikers and colorful rabbits. Hopefully people connect with the scene of a biker gang getting into a brawl. Only, in our silly version they’re throwing eggs instead of punches. We did some work early on to add little details to their vest and surroundings. If you look closely you might find a few “Easter Eggs” hidden in the details.

JJB: Have you ever driven a motorcycle? If so, did you feel like a tough bunny? If not, do you have any interest in getting on a hog and hitting the road?

TC: The only time I’ve ever ridden a motorcycle was when I was about 5 or 6 ridding with a family friend. I ended up burning my leg on a hot pipe and got left with a scar for a few years after that. So my relationship with motorcycles had a fairly rough start but I would like to try to ride again someday. Maybe when I’m a bit older I’ll grow a beard and wear more leather and start riding.

03_Hoppers1 03_Hoppers2 03_Hoppers3

JJB: Easter having a bunny mascot and then the eggs thing — it’s weird, right? What’s your theory? Did it inform how you approached this card?

TC: I’ve always imagined the easter bunny as this magical freaky cross between a hen, an actual rabbit and a human. Something about the Easter Bunny laying her (or his, who knows) eggs in the basket right before they get dropped off is immensely funny to me. As a joke, when we were just starting animation on this card I did a test of the bunny laying an Egg and immediately throwing it. Kind of gross but still sorta funny.

Big thanks to Taylor for chatting with us! You can cast yourself and some pals as Biker Bunnies for the toughest card of Easter RIGHT HERE!

Behind the Scenes of JibJab’s St. Patrick’s Day eCard Roll Out the Barrel


For this St. Patrick’s Day, JibJab unleashed a stop-motion eCard “Roll Out the Barrel.” Director Jeff Gill found the song in his record collection, and created an animatic to get the barrel rolling…

This was passed along to our resident stop motion animator Colin Lepper, who was kind enough to answer a few questions and share some photos of his creative process…

1. Do you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day yourself?

Of course! Being the half Irishman that I am, I always celebrate by drinking half of every beer I have. It’s important to have fun AND be responsible, so I make sure I only have half of each of my 24 or so beers.  I always feel like day to day people are way to comfortable with their hand eye co-ordination and center of gravity, so it’s nice to have one day where people stop acting like walking and talking is so easy.

01  02

2. Does green beer taste different than regular beer? 

It really depends, you’ve got so many types of green beer it’s hard to say. There’s just so many ingredients that could make it green you know? So I mean, if you throw some boring old food coloring into the beer then I guess it’d taste the same. But get some sour apple candy brewing in there? You got yourself a delicious dessert. Throw in some Kale and Cucumber? You’ve got a healthy snack. Throw in a Leprechaun? You’ve got a bloody mess. I don’t recommend that one.

03  04

3. Stop motion animation is notoriously slow. How do you stay sane doing it? Or, is it presumptuous to assume you DO stay sane…?

It’s definitely a slow process, but it’s pretty thrilling. each photo you take is so key to the scene as a whole, and it’s really like watching something play out in super slow motion. It’s awesome in sports, and just as awesome in the world of stop motion. I do have  a few tricks to keep me sane while I’m working though, My wonderful friend Sarah tells me it’s because of my patience and diligence, but I’m still convinced that it’s because she is an ever present Aardvark that hand feeds me energy drink soaked croutons throughout the day.

05  06

 Click on these words to plug you and some friends into this celebratory, green beer-filled eCard!


Last week’s JibJab eCard launch? You bet!

Last week we released a new stop motion eCard to celebrate the green beer fun of St. Patrick’s Day! It’s to the tune of “Roll Out the Barrel,” which is also the name of the card, oddly enough!


A couple o’ new JibJab eCards out in the wild!

JibJab blog fans (and if you’re reading this, you’re one for reals), we released a couple super fun eCards recently…



JibJab’s own wordsmith Scott Emmons says, “Getting older can be daunting, but as this playful eCard shows, happiness is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!” Doesn’t that sound delightful?


Of this super cool card, wordmaster Scott declares, “Everybody has a funked up day now and then, but this eCard will help a friend get their groove back in no time!” Let us know if he’s right!

BEHIND-THE-SCENES of JibJab’s Valentine’s Day eCard “Sunshine and Lollipops”!

Yesterday we shared the behind the scenes of JibJab’s Valentine’s Day eCard “Let’s Get It On.” Today, as promised, we take a look at…


A very different Jeff Gill animatic started things off…

A couple of our talented 3D animators, Taylor Clutter and Josiah Haworth then started designing some delicious candy backdrops and props for this sweetest of eCards.



Jeff then personally tested out his vision for the performance aspect of the card. (Don’t let the look on his face fool you — he’s having the time of his life!)…

Once it was clear this vision was achievable, a professional dancer was cast and entered the world of blue screen!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.14.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.18.19 PM

After the backgrounds are designed, and the live action dancing has been danced, it’s time to see how it all might work together…

Meanwhile, as blue screen dancing is danced, Taylor and Josiah are getting the backgrounds rendered and detailed…

Finally, well, the colorfully delightful results speak for themselves! So send your loved ones this fun lil’ eCard this Valentine’s Day!

BEHIND-THE-SCENES of JibJab’s Valentine’s Day eCard “Let’s Get It On”!

JibJab went and made 2015 way romantic with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new Valentine’s Day eCards! The two big live action productions were directed by our resident lover of love Jeff Gill. First up in our fascinating BEHIND THE SCENES post is a caution-to-the-wind video set to Marvin Gaye’s classic “Let’s Get It On”…


All videos at JibJab start with an animatic. This one was drawn and edited by the aforementioned Jeff Gill. Note how clearly these simple line drawings show what the finished product will look like…

The live action shoot was an on-location affair with some big ol’ production values…



The finished product is ready for all your Valentine’s Day and romantic needs right now!

If that one is a little too risqué for you, JibJab also released a couple of more traditionally animated slices of heartwarming / destroying fun: “No Point” (animated by Megan McShane) and “Killer Valentine” (animated by Meegs Nairn)…



Check out the blog tomorrow for a behind-the-scenes of our other big Valentine’s Day eCard, “Sunshine and Lollipops“!