Brand New eCard: Quiet Birthday!

This week, we have a brand new Starring You® birthday eCard that really makes some noise, animated by the fantastic Megan Nairn. Do you ever have those friends who just want to have a quiet, low-key birthday? 

You say, “How about a party?” Their reaction:


Just the mention of any sort of social interaction on their date of birth seems to send them into an anxious tailspin.


We’re sorry, but that simply won’t fly. Sooner or later, they’ve got to realize that your birthday is a time to party hard and make some noise!


Remember your birthday rights, and send our brand new birthday card today! It’s loud, proud, and free — all week long.




The Top Ten Things David Letterman Will Do In Retirement

We just heard the news that legendary comic and late night host, David Letterman, will retire in 2015. Say it ain’t so!



In light of this news, we figured it only made sense to let everyone know the Top Ten things Letterman will do in Retirement:


10. Get job as straight man on all-new Late Show with Biff Henderson.

9. Drink beer until pants are actually world wide.

8. Pick remains of Hello Deli Platter out of gap in teeth.

7. Learn smarter human tricks.

6. Determine if Jay Leno will float.

5. Sell 20 years’ worth of tailored suits on eBay.

4. Keep introducing Oprah and Uma to each other.

3. Write fake songs to stump Paul Shaffer and band.

2. Light cigars with royalty checks.

1. Spend more time subtly insulting his family.


We’re sorry to see you go, Dave — but at least we have another year and a half to soak it all in. Thanks for the memories!


The Making of “Leprechaun Rap”!

Rappers and leprechauns have a lot in common: they both love gold, wear crazy hats, and want a lotta green.

That’s why this St. Patrick’s Day, JibJab unleashed a brand new Starring You® Video featuring the best rhymin’ leprechauns from here to Killarney in Leprechaun Rap.  We checked in with our amazing artists to see how this St. Paddy’s Day Smash came together.

“We learned a lot about completing CG e-cards from Santa’s Twerk Shop that we were able to apply to Leprechaun Rap,” designer Taylor Clutter explains. “We wanted Leprechaun Rap to fully engage the sense that these were some crazy rock stars. Great detail went into the bling prop modeling to make these guys sparkle. For animation we just wanted them to be poppy and fun.

“It’s kind of ridiculous seeing your family and friends dancing around as CG Leprechauns, and we wanted the animation to reflect that.” No kidding.

Taylor and the gang let it all hang out, and even danced to give frames of reference for the characters:


I think we’ve found our new Lords of the Dance!

Here’s a look at the early storyboards for Leprechaun Rap as well:


The team even took pain-staking detail when it came to the bottles the leprechauns are holding:


Celt 45? I mean, we can’t even…

We hope you remembered to wear your green today, and most importantly — be sure to make and send Leprechaun Rap to your favorite lads and lasses on this special day ‘o days. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you!



Dance your way into St. Paddy’s Day merriment!

Get out your green clothing and four-leaf clovers, because St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!

We have the perfect way to celebrate, with eCards starring you and your drinking buddies as a river-break-dancing motley crew, doing the Irish Step. Or, cast the family as a barbershop quartet, singing I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover. So much dancing and drinking to do — such little time!


Cast and send your eCards today, then do a little jig into St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

New eCard – Race Car Birthday

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.02.42 PM

Know a Speed Racer with an upcoming birthday? Say it with a race car! Check out Race Car Birthday, made by the incredulous Reza Iman.

They’re perfect for the NASCAR lover in your life, or just the crazy driver.

And as quickly as the greeting began, speed away with your well wishes left behind!

JibJab voiceover extraordinaire, Jim Meskimen, stars in The Impression Guys!


Ever wondered who does some of those awesome voices for JibJab’s Year In Reviews and originals? Meet Jim Meskimen, voice-over guy extraordinaire, who’s lent his talents to Bush’s and McCain’s voices, among many others, for JibJab videos. Jim is the voice behind some of our biggest hits, including but not limited to This Land and Time for Some Campaignin’. To see more of Jim’s work, check out this blog post, and his IMDb!

And now, the super-talented Jim is starring in a web series called The Impression Guys, a YouTube original HALF-HOUR series presented by SOULPANCAKE. All New Episodes of Season 1 air every Monday! As if Jim’s presence wasn’t enough, The Impression Guys is also being called the “best online-video series of 2014” and “one of the freshest concepts to come along lately”.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 1.11.52 PM

Watch it here, subscribe, and be sure to tune in to see new episodes every Monday!

Rapping Leprechauns & The Bustin’ O’ The Rhymes


What better way to celebrate the luck of the Irish than with tiny rapping leprechauns? Check out the latest in the St. Patrick’s Day lineup of JibJab eCards — Leprechaun Rap!

Cast five leprechauns in this Irish hip-hop number and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the bustin’ o’ the rhymes. It’s the perfect tribute to the Irish tradition, but be sure to keep your hands away from their pots of gold!

Do a river-break-dance with your mischievous crew and send Leprechaun Rap today!

Also check out the St. Pat’s Hats dance to cast your favorite leprechaun sharing a little St. Paddy’s Day spirit, and I am a unicorn for that one friend who always takes St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to the limit.


New eCard – Sloth Birthday


Forget someone’s birthday? Make it better with Sloth Birthday! Let them know that your intentions were pure, but your timing was a little off.

It’s the thought that counts, even if it’s a little late, and show them that you care with an adorable sloth. After all, who could be mad at this face?

Send Sloth Birthday!

Need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but never fear! JibJab’s got you covered.

Show how you care by creating a Starring You Video featuring you and your sweetheart, singing popular songs and dancing the night away. Choose your flavor, from the Sexy Strip Tease to the 80s classic Let’s Get Physical to our adorable new video, Higher and Higher. Let your loved one know “You’re The One That I Want!”



JibJab videos are the perfect last minute, inexpensive gift for your special someone or that certain someone you’d like to be your valentine. It’s a better approach than some:

Check out the whole collection of JibJab Valentine’s Day videos at

Behind the Scenes of Higher and Higher

In our newest Starring You Valentine’s Day video, Higher and Higher, our production team took this video to new heights. It was a labor of love to turn this dream into reality!

It all started with an animatic:

To achieve flight, it was suggested that maybe we just wing it, and string ourselves from the ceilings. Fortunately, we decided against that, and ended up hiring a crew to set up a metal frame, a mechanical lift, and harnesses for us. They were on site all day to help with the shoot, constantly raising and lowering our artists playing lovebirds, Jeff and Lauren, between takes. The team had different attachments for the lift, depending on what kinds of shots needed to be done (one or two people, spinning, etc). It was awesome to have such a professional crew helping us!

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.38.31 PM

It was important to grab two artists without a fear of heights. For Jeff, it was his first time being hooked up to wires. While it was fun he doesn’t think he’ll be doing it again anytime soon — not so much for the fear of heights, but more because of the incredibly uncomfortable harness!

Lauren likes heights, and planes, and climbing things, so it really wasn’t a problem for her. But, after being strung up in a harness for 12 hours, she was pretty sore and bruised. It was manageable, but definitely exhausting. The most difficult part was spinning, as she got pretty nauseous at one point! Overall, it was a pretty awesome experience to be dancing in formal attire and flying from the ceiling. As shooting commenced, both Jeff and Lauren agreed that it was nice to be on ground again.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.40.06 PM

After all the shooting had taken place, it was time to animate! The end result is truly lovely and is perfect for your sweetheart! Send Higher and Higher before the big day, or check out JibJab’s entire collection of Valentine’s videos!

Lift love higher and higher — or shoot it down — with new Valentine’s Day eCards!

Roses are being arranged and Cupid is honing his aim, which can only mean one thing — Valentine’s Day is on its way!

Show your special someone that you care this season with our brand new Higher and Higher Starring You Video! It’s the perfect way to show how their love makes you feel as if you’re on cloud nine.


Celebrating Singles Awareness Day instead? Shoot down Cupid and show your spite with our Anti-Valentines, like with another brand new eCard, Burning Love. After a hard day of showing your VDay disdain, remember to treat yourself, with Chocolates For Youself, celebrating the most important valentine of them all — yourself!


Be sure to check out all of our Valentine’s Day cards.

New eCard – Spacey Birthday


Know a space fanatic with an upcoming birthday? Spacey Birthday is perfect for the astronaut, or wannabe space traveler, in your life! We sat down with the artist behind Spacey Birthday, Amelia, to see what inspired her to create such an out of this world card.

1. Where did the idea for this card come from?
I may or may not have been partially inspired by a certain film that came out last summer about astronauts in space. I also love space, so any excuse to draw stars and I’m there.

2. Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut?
I wanted to be an astronaut when I was in 5th grade. After realizing I probably needed to know more math than basic arithmetic, I quickly shifted my focus to art.

3. What’s the first thing you would do in space?
The first thing I would do in space is PANIC. Then I’d ask myself how I got there. Then I would realize I could do nothing to change my situation, so I’d sit back and enjoy the view.

4. As Gravity is nominated for several Oscars, do you think this deserves the Academy’s attention too?
Yes, in fact maybe people should just watch this card over and over again for 2 and a half hours. Gets as intense and dizzying as CG Sandra Bullock, trust me.

Check out Spacey Birthday today!

New eCard – There’s a Pill for That

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for new eCards! Introducing There’s a Pill For That, perfect for the Aquariuses in your life with upcoming birthdays!

There’s a Pill for That, animated by the awesome Ashlyn, presents the harsh realities of birthdays and aging, using candles as a metaphor. Candles tend to lose their waxy luster over the years. With time, the wick gets smaller, the wax melts, and it’s tougher to light that fire.

Remind your special birthday person to not let their candle sag this year — there’s a pill for that! It might even help with your birthday irritability!

2013: What a Year…in Press!

2013 has been quite the year for JibJab! But don’t just take our word for it — check out this compilation of press clips from throughout the year. From Good Morning America to The Tonight Show, we’re living our mission to make billions of people happy. Just look at those smiling faces!

Many thanks to our friends at these stations for the awesome coverage of what we’ve been up to during the year. We’ve been featured in press in hundreds of cities across the country, from Los Angeles to New York City, Chicago, Philly, and everywhere in between. It’s been our pleasure serving smiles from coast to coast!

Get into the holiday spirit with these eCards!

It’s not too late to send your Christmas cards this year! Send your season’s greetings now — there are a whole slew to choose from:

Christmas Sign Spinner
Who knew Santa had such sign spinning skills?

Surfing Santa
Not a white Christmas? No problem! There’s Surfing Santa to celebrate the season wherever you are.

Gangnam Style Christmas
Turn the horse dance into the reindeer dance when you star in our crazy Christmas edition of Gangnam Style!

Our new video Coal shows that even if you haven’t been good this year, you can make lemonade out of coal! (Well, not literally.)

Heyyy, Macareindeeer! Bring a Latin flair to the holidays by casting five in this timeless international dance hit.

Elf Dance
Cast five of your favorite holiday elves in this boogielicious dance video that’s sure to rock the halls!

Santa’s Twerk Shop
When Santa’s away, the elves will twerk! Cast 5 friends as the hardest twerking elves in the North Pole.

Pug Christmas
Perfect for the animal lover in your life. Let them unleash their canine spirit and jaunt around as an adorable pug!