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Planking, Owling, JibJabbing!

Everyone has jumped on board the planking craze – lying face down with your arms by your sides like a wooden plank, taking a picture & sharing it online. This week Tom Green claimed he began the trend in 1994, so of course a few of us wanted to try it out in and around the office…

However we’ve heard that owling is the new planking, so of course we wanted to try that too…

But today a new trend is born…JibJabbing!!   Just plop your head on the nearest object, hide your body and snap a pic.   Or you can just go to and use our cropping tools to cut out your head and insert it in to one of our animations! Share your JibJabbing pictures with us on our Facebook page or tweet the picture with the hashtag #jibjabbing!  Looking forward to seeing where you will JibJab!


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