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Birthday Wishes for You!

The Problem: You’re tired of typing the same old “Happy Birthday!” message on Facebook all the time when friends have birthdays.  You wish you had something unique and original to share but let’s face it, who has the time?

The Solution: Introducing Birthday Wishes, a new Facebook application we’ve created that’s filled with Facebook-only birthday greetings that you can pick and post in a jiff.  From sweet to silly, you’ll find the perfect birthday greetings for every type of friend and family member. It’s the best way to say “Happy Birthday!” on Facebook…without having to use those exact words over and over and over again. Click Here to Check out Birthday Wishes. 


7 responses to “Birthday Wishes for You!”

  1. Uh, the app wants permission to “post as me”, posting stuff on my behalf? NO, not allowing. Get rid of that and I’ll use the app.

    • Hi Evelyn – We answered this on your Facebook post, but wanted to make sure you received our response! The app needs that permission so you can post a Birthday Wish to your friend’s wall. This only happens when you click the ‘Share’ button on the popup window that clearly asks you if you want to post this to your friend’s wall. Thanks!

  2. since I am a paying member of Jib-Jab, I thought this would be a great thing /app to use for birthday greetings. When I clicked on it, it took so long processing on Facebook (I have just under 200 “friends” on Facebook, I figured that is what the app was doing) so I left my computer on and went to bed.

    However, this morning, my computer was acting “frozen” so I re-booted it. Now when I click the app “Birthday Wishes” it seems to be doing the same “clicking and processing” that it was doing last night.

    Just curious as to what is going on? (my computer seems to be working fine)

  3. Hey Team JibJab….looking for help also.
    The site loads fine but I alway end up
    with a black or blank space to work with.
    I have Flash 10.3
    I cleared cache and cookies and I am working
    with Windows 7.

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