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Holiday Fever Has Hit JibJab…Are You Next?

We have been very busy at JibJab over the last few months getting ready for the holidays!

We have been rockin around the office with our party hop version of Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Send a rockin' e-card to your friends and family!

We hit up the north pole and found out that penguins love punk rock versions of Winter Wonderland.

Rock out with this punk penguin band!

And lastly, we will toot our own horn at The Buttcracker, our gaseous version of a certain famous Christmas ballet. 

Have a rip-roaring holiday with The Buttcracker

So spread some holiday cheer this season with one of our many fun Starring You e-Cards that are sure to warm-up any winter day! Also, stay tuned to the blog for more on how we created these NEW fun videos. 


11 responses to “Holiday Fever Has Hit JibJab…Are You Next?”

  1. Hi, I would like to become a 12 usd/year member, but for that can I upload the videos (such as your offer for the 6 Xmas videos)? Or can I only send them as an e-mail?

    • Hi Nicolette, As a member you receive access to our entire collection of eCards (1,200+) all year long. Also, if you would like to download the videos to save forever they are only $1.99 which is a discounted price. If you have any more questions please email Thanks!

  2. I am extremely frustrated with JibJab. My wife has an account and pays money to send cards only to have people open them to:

    “We’re sorry, something went wrong. We have been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.”

    Really?!? How will I know? Who will contact my wife, the one who PAID for your service to send the card? When can I view the card she sent me? Who else is getting this extremely vague and useless message?????

    Come on. I would expect more…

  3. Looking for the mlb personalized coffee mugs. My son saw one that he wanted after he made the starring me mlb video, but now we can’t find out how to purchase the mug with his picture. He wanted to give as a gift this year for Christmas. Please help!

  4. Christopher i get the same message… the neighbour sends me them too, and every time i get the same message
    “We’re sorry, something went wrong. We have been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.”

  5. I have an old computer and I don’t trust it on how long it will be working. I just use it for miner things and not for payment. Is there a phone number I can call, to join for a year subscription?

  6. I use to user jibjab to mane personalized mugs and magnets but I cannot find how to do it anymore. Is this site strictly used for e cards only now?

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