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Year in Review Puppet Charity Auction

After creating awesome Starring You and Year in Review videos both the office and studio tend to accumulate lots of art and props. This year we wanted to share our creations with you, our fans, and raise money for a great cause, so we decided to auction the famous puppets from our 2011 Year in Review video “2011, Buh-Bye!” on eBay. All proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a pediatric treatment and research facility.

Fast sellers include: Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Newt Gingrich, the Schwarzenegger Baby, Amy Winehouse, Rick Perry! Bids are on Ben & Jerry, Pepper-Spray Cop, Mayan and The Royal Wedding Party and there are even more to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Get a piece of history & support a great cause: BID NOW!

3 responses to “Year in Review Puppet Charity Auction”

  1. I like to make people laugh and you are Kings at this. I have a plan that I feel will bring orders to you in numbers. Why? Because I am not employed by jibjab. I have always believed that outside people working your program and offering clever blogs directed to jibjab can be awesome. I feel that both of us will be rewarded, me with a little compensation. To prove
    my point let me do one free on my blog. That should provide some merit for consideration. Again when I received one of your cards from a sender with face pictures of my wife and me I laughed harder than I have ever laughed in my life. I’m still recovering. It was beautiful. As you can tell I’m more then just a one time interested user. Let’s Give it a Try!!
    “Have a Great Day and keep up the Great Work”
    Bob Mitchell

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