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  • Where Do the Ghost Heads Come From?

    Do you ever wonder who’s head you are covering up when you make one of our many fun Starring You eCards? As you know we typically use an employee as an actor or model for a new video, but did you know our faces are also the grey default heads? We recently had a photo shoot of some of us…

  • Learn to talk like Robert Deniro!

    The master impressionist behind most of our videos, Jim Meskimen, has produced an instructional video that can help you learn to do a Robert Deniro impression. Check it out here: How’d you do? If you are craving more Hollywood action, check out our Movie Spoof videos and cast yourself & friends into the funny roles!

  • How Does He Do It?!

    If you are a fan of our political satire and enjoy the impressions in our songs, than Jim Meskimen’s latest video of celebrities performing Shakespeare is a must watch.  How does he do it?!

  • Year in Review Puppet Charity Auction

    After creating awesome Starring You and Year in Review videos both the office and studio tend to accumulate lots of art and props. This year we wanted to share our creations with you, our fans, and raise money for a great cause, so we decided to auction the famous puppets from our 2011 Year in Review video “2011,…

  • CNR available on Weird Al’s Latest Album!

    All the way back in August of 2009, we teamed up with Weird Al to produce the first music video that you can star in!  As you know we now have a great collection of musical everyday fun videos you can cast yourself into, even some with famous tracks. So why are we bringing this…

  • Hugh Hefner Does The Hop

    Hugh Hefner just celebrated his 85th birthday on April 9th, but we think he’s still got it. Check him out doing our brand new Starring You dance for Easter…The Hop alongside his #1 bunny Crystal Harris, and the former girls next door Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt. Then create your own version & share with us in…

  • The Elfin DeGeneres Show!

    Hey, stuff we made was on Ellen today! Ellen officially caught elf fever, showing the new ElfYourself 80’s video on air as well as posting the new ElfYourself Surf video to her website as a bonus! Now that’s an amazing start to the holiday season! Be like Ellen and get elfin’ here!

  • CNR on Tour

    Weird Al‘s summer tour wrapped up this weekend after 55 shows.  At all of those shows?  Some rockin’ JibJab animation!  Rainn Wilson (you know, Dwight from The Office) nabbed this shot of Al rocking CNR on stage with a heavy dose of JibJab right behind him.  With the tour over, Al heads to the studio…

  • A Visit From Professor Jackdaws

    Professor Knestor Jackdaws (aka Voice of JibJab Jim Meskimen) stopped by our studio a few months ago for a tour and the video just went up.  YouTube favorite Nalts even did a write up on the video, which tours our facilities and interviews Evan.  Check out the tour below and the article through this link!

  • The Kardashian Seal Of Approval

    We’ve got it.