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Where Do the Ghost Heads Come From?

Do you ever wonder who’s head you are covering up when you make one of our many fun Starring You eCards? As you know we typically use an employee as an actor or model for a new video, but did you know our faces are also the grey default heads? We recently had a photo shoot of some of us here to make some new ghost heads for the site. It was school picture day all over again and with the help of our trusty photographer, Anthony, we got some great faces!

So go ahead…cover up our mugs with your faces & make some Starring You videos!

7 responses to “Where Do the Ghost Heads Come From?”

  1. Hey Team, Will you make more videos and pictures with african american people. It’s not as fun when your face doesn’t match the body. lol I will more then likely not renew my subscription if there isn’t more of a selection for my myself. Not something I dont want to do AT ALL. I truly enjoy the jib jab’s website and everything you do, it is fun, funny, and make people smile and laugh. I could use it a lot more if there were more options.

    Thanks and I hope you all take this in consideration. I would surely appreciate it. Or perhaps, maybe with each one you have now give the option for africian american skin complexion. That would be awesome!

    • Hi Zenovia – Thanks for the suggestion! We definitely will take this into consideration when we are creating new videos. Thanks again!

  2. Hello all,

    I really enjoy using your cards when I feel the need to bring a smile to the faces of the people I care most about. However, I’ve been waiting a while, hoping to be able to find more diversity when it comes to the “body” selections. I’m an african american female, and I find it a bit disappointing to come back to your site time and time again to find no skin tones that match my own. Could you please add more variety/selections when it comes to different ethnicities in the near future?

    I understand that you currently use your staff as actors for your videos. So, maybe a way to keep costs down would be to maybe have your employees wear neutral colored body suits, with gloves so that the skin color wouldn’t be shown at all? That way (at least in my case), the differences in skin color from the face to the body won’t stand out so much. Just a suggestion.

    Thank you for the laughs! 🙂

  3. I love your site but is there a way to change the skin tones of the heads I upload to match the characters in your videos? I know sites like face in hole gives you the option to alter you skin tone to match.

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