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We Want YOUR Opinion on Our New Site Navigation!

We changed the navigation our site to make it easier to find all the categories we offer! We really like it here at JibJab HQ but, more importantly, we are wondering what you think.  Please let us know here in the comments if you have an opinion.  Thanks in advance!

6 responses to “We Want YOUR Opinion on Our New Site Navigation!”

  1. I am an annual subscriber. The new layout is great. I love JibJab. Everyone I send an ecard to loves them too.
    The one thing I would love is if you could adjust the brightness/contrast/hue/saturation on every “Starring You” ecard. Not every face shot on facebook is perfect, so allowing for this adjustment would make the ecards THAT much more enjoyable.
    Thanks so much!

  2. I hope you will be verry bussy make new fab e-cards!!
    I like them very much!
    Succes greeting
    Els Broese (member)

  3. Its July 15th and site is all messed up. You cant preview before sending and checking my account it says I have nothing in there when I know I do seeing I send cards often.

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