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Interns Join the Team This Summer

It’s that time again, when the summer sun heats up the beach and the days are so long it is light until 8:30pm. It’s also the time of year we fill our office with the fresh faces of the interns. We had an extremely difficult time narrowing down the talent, but after multiple school visits, portfolio days, interviews and miles of traveling, we’ve added a WHOPPING 10 new artists to the production team! Though this crew has the title of “intern,” they are valued members of our ever-expanding team. With much to learn and practice we are sure to see some amazing new content come from them! Meet the new additions:

Amelia Lorenz – CalArts –

Dana Terrace – SVA –

Jeremy Bondy – Sheridan –

Lauren Duda – SCAD –

Eusong Lee – CalArts –

Jacob Streilein – CalArts –

Julia Srednicki – CalArts –

Kristen Gish – Ringling –

Jason Reicher – CalArts –

Samantha Wei – Otis –

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3 responses to “Interns Join the Team This Summer”

  1. Problem…..After creating faces on dance ecards and pressing send, I get a notice that my email has been sent. However the recipient never receives it????

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