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New eCard – Never Ending Fun

As with most birthdays you never want the fun to stop. And in our newest eCard, Never Ending Fun, we see that sometimes the fun really does never seem to end. We got to talk with Art Grootfontein to find out about the artist behind the long dog.

– How long did this card take to animate?

It took about two weeks.

– Where was the picture of grass taken from?

It’s an epic story! It took me six days to find the right park and one more day to shoot the grass with the correct light…Just kidding… I simply found this picture on the internet in a photo bank.

– Do you have a dog of your own?

I have two cartoon dog characters at home. They’re so much more fun than real ones (and they don’t smell)!

– What did you do for never ending fun?

I was in charge of character design and animation. The animatic was already made, so I just had to focus on creating the kid & dog, and giving them life. The ecard animation is pretty close to the animatic, I just proposed to give the kid his “Oh you…” expression at the end.

– Lastly, where did you go to school and when did you graduate?

I studied in the National School of Art & Design in Paris, France, and I graduated in 1999.

To see more of Art’s work check out his site here: and send this eCard today!

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