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  • JibJab Hits the Ice with the LA Kings!

    The JibJab Mobile Apps were featured at the Kings game at Staples Center on Tuesday. As fans in the stadium shared exclusive Jibjab Kings content it was displayed on the Jumbotron. It was incredible!

  • New eCard – Swearing Off Cake

    In our new eCard, Swearing Off Cake, you’ll see that while many people resist the temptation of birthday cake — there’s always someone willing to dig right in! We talked a little with Sagan Yee, artist and animator of this eCard and found out two fun facts: 1. Originally the entire card was black and white, but…

  • New eCard – Pinata Abuse

    In our new birthday eCard, Pinata Abuse, the birthday boy takes his own stance against a pinata protester! We talked more with artist, Beto Gomez, about the making of this card. 1) Have you ever had a pinata at your birthday party? I haven no idea why, but in Brazil we fill balloons with candy…

  • New eCard – Never Ending Fun

    As with most birthdays you never want the fun to stop. And in our newest eCard, Never Ending Fun, we see that sometimes the fun really does never seem to end. We got to talk with Art Grootfontein to find out about the artist behind the long dog. – How long did this card take…

  • JibJabbers at Nerdy Gras

    We’ve posted a photo album from our exploits in San Diego over the weekend.  Thanks to the many fans we met, hope you enjoy your JibJab schwag!

  • JibJab on the Jumbotron!

    Here’s a first for us… as Andy, our Director of Development, enjoyed a Dodger game this weekend, he was surprised to find himself treated to our Star Wars Starring You on one of the biggest screens you can find! Evan writes “It looks like a giant iphone being lowered on strings from a hole in…

  • Banned in Iran

    A staffer at JibJab has family in Iran and they passed over this little nugget of information to the studio… has been banned for the entire country! This is part of a censorship that has been ongoing for the past few years which has included Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We just can’t figure out…