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New eCard – Pinata Abuse

In our new birthday eCard, Pinata Abuse, the birthday boy takes his own stance against a pinata protester! We talked more with artist, Beto Gomez, about the making of this card.

1) Have you ever had a pinata at your birthday party?

I haven no idea why, but in Brazil we fill balloons with candy and usually the birthday clown blows it, so kids fight their life for the best candies.

2) Have you ever been part of a protest?

I have protested once when I was a kid against having soup for dinner. For obvious reasons my parents won this protest and I had to eat double the soup after all.

3) Where did you come up with the idea for this eCard?

It’s a JibJab idea. I guess someone over there still has some problems with pinatas.

4) How long did it take to animate?

It took me around 3 weeks.

5) Who did the SFX and angry yelling?

I got the animatic with the audio and SFX already, but I would like to meet the person responsible for the angry yelling (not on a protest).

Send this eCard to someone who won’t let anything stand in their way of a good time on their birthday!

2 responses to “New eCard – Pinata Abuse”

  1. I am unable to see any of my “heads” that have been on the downloading a card, since I first started with Jib Jab.
    Can you please tell me how to get them back, so I can send more cards.

    thanks, Rose

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