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Goodbye Interns

We sadly said goodbye to our wonderful summer interns last week. To thank them for their three months of hard work on new eCards, eBooks & more, we came together and shared tacos, drinks, and memories. We also awarded them with superlatives! Here’s a selection of some of the best:

Dana: “Are you gonna eat that?”; Most Likely To Animate Like It’s Nobody’s Business. For her unwavering dedication to hand-drawn animation, and also sharks.

Jeremy: Yoga King; Token Canadian Award. For his ability to execute every yoga pose ever, and animate like a champion.

Jason: Town Sheriff; Best Hair Champion Since, Like, Forever. For being a hipster that we totally like, and for his artistic bad-assery.

Jacob:  Mr Tibbles Official Fan Club President; Most Likely To Be Called Jason, Too. For his ability to wear a different Duke shirt every day despite never having gone there, and his ability to stand tall under pressure!

Although we won’t be seeing their faces around the office any longer we will sure keep in touch and admire their creative talents from afar!

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2 responses to “Goodbye Interns”

  1. hey you need to make some new jib jab originals love to watch them came over here to see if you had any for the new election coming up and you have nothing yet love to see them hope you do some soon bye……..:)

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