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New eCards – Birthday Rap for Him and Her

The guys at SurfMonkey are at it again! This time they created two fun Starring You eCards tailored for either a girl or a boy so they can bust a rhyme on their birthday! In these cards, the birthday boy gets down with beers and BBQs and the birthday girl has her cake and eats it too. We had the opportunity to chat with the SurfMonkey guys to find out a bit about the creation of these videos.

1) Where did you hire the actors for these eCards and was the process fun?

We had online auditions for the bakery video, and got some pretty hilarious videos in the process.

2) Where did you shoot the Male rap? And can we move in?

The male rap video was shot at a friends parent’s house.  It has a pretty amazing backyard, and we were lucky to find such a cool location.  We’ll ask if there are any rooms available.

3) What is your favorite cake or pastry?

Alex: I like Russian Tea Cakes. My mom always makes them around Christmas time. Max: I really love bread pudding, but that isn’t exactly a cake or pastry.

4) Lastly, do you have any funny stories from either of the shoots? Were their any malfunctions or shenanigans?

Luckily we didn’t have any major malfunctions on this shoot.  We did run into some high school kids doing a 48-hr film festival and they thought we were also involved.  They wanted to borrow our dolly and jib arm, but they were in use at the time.

Send a friend a birthday rap today!

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