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Behind the Scenes of I’m Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover

Our new St Patrick’s Day Starring You eCard features four singers in green pinstripes! We went behind the scenes to see how I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover was created…

We loved watching Looney Tunes as kids, not only for the awesome animation, but for some pretty sweet music too! In the short “Operation: Rabbit” there’s a part where Bugs Bunny sings the song “I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover” (swapping out the word ‘four’ with ‘three’) and that song’s been stuck in our head ever since, so when it came time to develop our St. Paddy’s day card, we knew exactly what to do!

The song is one we associate with ragtime piano and barbershop quartets, which are known for having all of their voices blend to become one. So when it came time to film, rather than bring in four different actors, we decided to pull another Feliez Navidad and film all the parts with just Jeff to ensure the most ‘one-ness’ possible!


Apparently green-striped barbershop costumes are a little hard to come by, so before filming the actual card we did a quick test wearing a white shirt covered with red tape and white shoes, complete with garbage-bag squares to mimic the look of saddle shoes. The reasoning was to test the possibility of wearing red stripes and color-shifting the footage to resemble the green we wanted (this is also the reason why Jeff’s face looks so Frankenstein-ish).

When the test proved to be a success, we were able to film Jeff in different chunks, off-set the footage, and key it all together to look like there were actually four of him dancing with himself! While synchronizing four different actors would have also worked, it’s hard to compete with the exactness you can get from having one actor literally duplicated over and over and over.

Using the footage as a guide, our illustrator Eusong did a great job designing a lush green field for the quartet to parade around in. Once shadows and color correction took place, we ended up with one fine little St. Paddy’s day card!



Haven’t seen the final product yet? Cast yourself and friends in I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover!

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