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Sound Effects

As the project draws to a close one of the most fun stages of production is sound design. Because we typically produce musical videos, you could watch our videos with no sound design at all and still get the entire story… but as soon as we add the thumps, chops, explosions and screams it REALLY […]

The Design Team

Another one of those somewhat “unnoticed” arts that really helps push the quality bar over the top is design. Our design team puts out so much unbelievable work that is either never seen or is taken for granted so we thought we’d show ’em a bit of love! One of the last minute requests that […]

The Store

As the video started to shape up we were seeing so much incredible art we thought, heck, why not create a store?  Every couple of days we’d see something and say, “Man, that’d be awesome on a T-shirt” so the logical conclusion was to put it on a t-shirt.  And a mug.  And a mousepad.  […]

The Big Event!

After months and months of creating, planning, producing and coordinating, there is nothing more satisfying then kicking back in penguin suits (aka, tuxedos) and watching the leader of the free world watch – and hopefully laugh at – something that sprung from the collective imagination of myself, my brother and the amazingly talented people we […]

A Big, Hearty Thanks!

So if you’ve made it through all the “Behind the Scenes” posts we want to thank you for taking the time to check it all out.  More importantly, we assume if you’ve read all these posts then you must be a fan and we want to thank you profusely for sharing our work with your […]

Extra Goodies…

When we make one of these big two-minute videos there are literally thousands upon thousands of photos, pictures and drawings that get created to help us cross the finish line.  We’ve uploaded a bunch of extra images to a Facebook gallery for your perusal.  If these “Behind the Scenes” have left you wanting more check […]

BIG NEWS! Obama video to premiere in front of POTUS himself!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our first satire of the Obama administration will premiere in front of the big man himself at the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner on June 19th in Washington, DC! While we can’t give away any of the details about the video yet, we can say […]

What we ask of our Artists…

Philip here is inked from elbow to wrist as a special request for our huge Obama spectacular.  It’s nice to work with a crew that’s willing to do anything to help us get the assets we need for animation.  And no, it’s not permanent.  Though it may be permanent marker… We’re revealing the launch date […]

Crunch Time

We’ve been working our rear ends off for our upcoming Obama video, trying to get the animation done in time to tweak and gear up for our big release (date and time TBA). We started keeping a big calendar on the wall at the beginning of the month, and it was going good… for a […]

We’re Workin’ On It!

What are we working on?  Here’s a face you might recognize… Big updates within the next week!