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The Mouth on that Monster

Frankenstein’s script called for the monster to convey some real emotion, which is a challenge when you don’t know what the expression of your characters (ie; your uploaded faces) will be. This lead us to our first experiments with animated Starring You mouths, allowing you to have a big toothy grin, show sadness, fear or […]

Frankenstein B&W Backgrounds

Our artists came up with sweeping landscapes, black and white rainbows, noirish corridors, evil labs and spooky nights to bring Frankenstein in a Minute to life. Have a better look at some of the scenery below and check out more in our Facebook album!

Monster Rap Wallpapers

As we are oft to do when we’ve got a bunch of neat backgrounds to show off, here are a select few in wallpaper form.  Click any of the photos here and on page 2, right click and set as your desktop background! Check out the rest of our art on our new Facebook album […]

The Art of “Booze”

With our library so stocked full of Halloween goodness, it’s easy to miss one of our new animated cards this year. “Booze on the Mind” features a spooky style, a diabolical doctor and a monstrous martini. Feast your eyes on some of the gorgeous art from the piece below, and send it by clicking here!

Where’s the Wolf?

And now for a bonus character that didn’t make the cut for our Monster Rap.  We were originally going to go with a werewolf for the DJ spot, but decided to opt for the Bride to get more ladies in the mix.  Shame though, especially because his jersey was equal parts gangsta and Teen Wolf!

Birthday Balloon Bloopers

We’ve launched a snappy new 9 second eCard today that features a bunch of balloons! Though it may be short, you have no idea how much work went into making the card you see above.  It all started when Evan wrote a zippy little song about birthday balloons, one of the most iconic Birthday images […]

Go Deeper into The Latex

Whoa.  We just released The Latex, an awesome parody of The Matrix (duh) that you can star in!  Some incredible artwork got jammed into this one and it would be a shame not to share hi-res images of our backgrounds with you guys.  Click the images below for a better look, right click to save […]

The Latex is Coming!

We are one week away from the launch of The Latex, our big, bad summer blockbuster done up JibJab style.  The original idea has been brewing here for years, ever since we made our “The Latex” postable.  To tide you over until next week’s big release, here is a preview of some of the character […]

Extra Creepy Crawlers

Our latest project started with a “Thank You” song written by Steffon and Arlette Moody. How Justin and Mike came to the idea for a subterranean chorus of creepy crawlers, even they don’t know. We’ve posted up an album on Facebook featuring the art that brought our new eCard together, with sets made of clay […]

Print Your Dad His Own Beer Label!

Dads love beer.  It’s basic science.  We sketched this new Father’s Day postable with that principle in mind.  Our recommendation?  Make one here.  Take a screen shot (Windows, Mac). Print it out.  Cut it out.  Wrap around beer bottle.  Present to dad! [Update] Did you give a beer bottle to Dad?  The first picture we […]

Action Dad Accessories

Our new Action Dad postable, very clearly inspired by our love for GI Joe action figures, has a few fun accessories that you might have missed. Here they are all blown up. While our postables remain a standard size for sharing online, we use super hi-res versions for the mugs and cards in our gift […]

Building the Pyramid

Our new Fatherly Food Pyramid postable is pretty extreme. But it used to be even more so.

Anniversary Animals

We’re wrapping our series on commitment with Anniversary Animals, our most recent piece and what we hope will be a popular Starring You for couples celebrating years together. This little ditty was written, composed and sang by Steffon Moody, who is Evan’s brother-in-law.  Here’s a link to his website!  Romney then illustrated this card for […]

8-bit Birthday Bites!

We recently put together a birthday card that drew upon our love for old school video games.  Figuring out exactly how to present it went through several phases.  In our first incarnation, Jeff pitched an awesome animatic where the gag was a little more twisted than the final product. The next step was taking our […]

Singing Eggs: Live!

This clip is from the making of Easter Egg Chorus, from our 2009 Easter content push.  We could have just released the unanimated version, huh?