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New eCard – Hat Jam

In our newest birthday eCard we see 4 little guys who get funky with their hats playing a groovy tune. They sure know how to make a foot go tap in this musical eCard. We got to talk more with former intern Sean Rhodes to find out about his funkadelic inspiration to making this fun […]

New eCard – Fun House Mirrors!

Why a mirror that morphs your body is called fun is beyond us, but in our newest birthday eCard, Fun House Mirrors, we see one birthday lady that will let nothing stand in her way of a good birthday. This week’s new birthday eCard comes from the super talented Cheyenne Curtis. She brings some girl […]

New Birthday eCard – Old People Smell

In our newest birthday eCard, Old People Smell, you can let that someone special know that they are getting older & beginning to develop that old person smell. We talked more with Neil Housego to learn about the artistic ability reeking from him. 1. Where did you go to school? I went to school at Ravensbourne College of […]

Party Your Arrr’s Off

Pirates seem to be the summer theme at JibJab. Not only do we call our office a Pirate Ship, but our new Birthday card this week features pirates celebrating in Party Your Arrr’s Off. The artist behind this eCard, Eddie, had a great time preparing for it by drinking rum, watching pirate movies and scouring the beaches. […]

ATTENTION!! Drill Sergeant Mom

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching this Sunday we are in no shortage of fun cards to make Mom feel special on her day. In our newest Mother’s Day eCard, Drill Sergeant Mom, we see a cartoon mom singing her way through a day of keeping her house together. It is animated, but did you know we actually photograph […]

Magical Brew Animatic

Now that you learned more about the song writer for our new St. Patrick’s Day Starring You video, Magical Brew, take a look at the animatic used in the early creation process. In case you are unfamiliar an animatic is where we take the visual gags and ideas and start to lay them out into a timeline […]

Year in Review Puppet Charity Auction

After creating awesome Starring You and Year in Review videos both the office and studio tend to accumulate lots of art and props. This year we wanted to share our creations with you, our fans, and raise money for a great cause, so we decided to auction the famous puppets from our 2011 Year in Review video “2011, […]

Making of Winter Wonderland

JibJab’s rocking version of the Christmas classic, Winter Wonderland, is sure to get even Scrooge on his feet dancing. But figuring out how to imagine the penguin’s band and their stage was tough. We spoke with character and background designer, Justin, who gave us the inside scoop of how he picked these waddling rock stars […]

Behind The Scenes of The Buttcracker

We broke wind with our new holiday card, The Buttcracker. Ours though was not choreographed on a stage at all, but instead all the characters were molded, shaped and positioned by hand, bringing it to life! We got a chance to talk with Jeff, the lead artist on the project. Here is what he had to say… […]

The Pilgrim Song – Early Designs

Our new Starring You video for Thanksgiving is a wacky rendition of the story of how the Pilgrims first discovered America.  We were really impressed by some of the funny concept art that was used so we decided to check in with one of our artists, Romney, the director of the video, to see some […]

Super Freak Wallpaper

The backgrounds that Justin painted for our Super Freak video gave it that extra spooky feeling we needed to tie everything together. Now we’d like to share them with you! Get your computer in the Halloween spirit with these one-of-a-kind wallpapers. Just click on the image and it will take you to a new window. […]

M-L-B-eautiful Designs!

Let’s take a moment to touch base with our artists (pun intended). In order to make sure they had the right look for each of our 30 Major League Baseball teams, they had to spend weeks poring over logo designs, team colors and uniforms. The next step was sketching a first draft of the main […]

A JibJab for the 21st Century

Earlier this week we updated our eCard landing pages to include a more modern, sleek design. In a continued effort to bring a cleaner, sleeker look to the site we are finally doing away with the old-timey mustaches for a more modern look.  As the JibJab team continues to work to bring you a cutting […]

You Want Wallpaper, Babe?

The response we got after posting our Facebook photo album full of I Got You, Babe art was fantastic, so to you we present high-res versions of our backgrounds, for you to make as your desktop background!  Just click any image to reveal a much larger version, drag/save that to your desktop and do your […]

Widescreen, Wigged Valentines

Along with our new Samba Dance and I Got You Babe music video, keen eyes may notice that our fare from years previous have received makeovers!  First up, widescreen. 14 videos were retrofitted in dimension from 4×3 to 16×9 to give you a cinematic JibJab experience. We’ve also added wigs and hats to the Starring […]