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Postable Process!

Trish recently shared with us the process she goes through to make a postable. Check it out! Every postable starts with the background. It can be simple… though some of the artists here go all out. For Character Layout I use references to create the poses, and build little gray versions of each piece. I […]

Easter Bunny Variations

As we roll into Easter weekend, here is an up-close look at the clay bunnies we created for our stop-motion piece, with a pear for size reference. We like to stay healthy. The ears and arms were reused for the squished version of the bunny, while the eyes had to be molded to bug out […]

Lost Lost Matzahmatic

The Matzahmatic below reveals our original plans for Matzah, along with some deleted scenes and verses. Compare it to the final video embedded further below!

Behind the Matzah

As a Passover treat, we dug up our photo albums and production files from 5 years ago to expose all the really cool, really hard work that went into the awesomest Pesach rap to grace the internet. Click here to check out our production art, and click here to compare to the final product!

Busting Bunny Moves

The majority of our stop motion animations start with hand drawn animations that are impressive by themselves. Devin told us that the most integral part of getting the animation right on this one was to practice all the dance moves in person. Now there’s a video we wish we had. Send “Easter Dinner” by following […]

Not that kind of love…

While creating a postable inspired by our chocolate cravings, we quickly realized that the family-friendly concept we were going for could go awry quite easily. A quick image flip and we were back on track… close call.

Concept Cotton Tails

Romney came up with these little guys when he was assigned to design a bevvy of bunnies for an upcoming Easter animation.  We ended up going with the tall rabbit on the right and made a clay model out of it for stop-motion animating.

The Bits and Pieces Behind Kama Sutra

When we set out to match the truly unique style of the Kama Sutra for a sultry Valentine’s Day card, the first step was to do our homework…  which of course meant looking through the ancient Indian text over and over. We poured through a variety of Kama Sutra books and images on the internet, […]

Christmas Carol Concepts

We’ve posted another Facebook album full of art on our … Facebook.  This time we chronicled the dickens out of our Charles Dickens masterpiece, A Christmas Carol!  Click on to see a story of Christmas past!

Mixing it Up for 2009’s YIR

We’re running out of days in 2009, which must mean one thing… our annual Year-In-Review has begun production! We always try to keep our animations fresh by varying up the styles we use and this year we’re going for something entirely different than we’ve ever attempted before. For 2009’s recap we’re getting hands on with […]

Making Zombies Come to Life

We’ve shared a considerable amount of behind the scenes on this year’s projects, but having not had a full time blog running last year, now may be the perfect opportunity to show everyone how we put the infamous Zombie Party together.  In this animatic/behind the scenes video, you’ll see that we had intricate undead hands […]

Hanukkah in August

While most people don’t even have labor day on their minds yet, our production schedule has us working on our big holiday pieces up to six months in advance!  Right now we’re cranking away on Halloween, Christmas AND Hanukkah stuff.  Most of our art and animations for the December holidays will remain top secret for […]

Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Puppet

In the studio last week, we had a very special impersonator hanging around.  The puppet was masterfully designed and constructed by Mike, one of our multi-talented animators.  Look for this hound dog on the site very soon!

C.N.R. B.T.S. II !

Can’t get enough of the new Weird Al/JibJab video “CNR”? Check out our new Facebook album chock full of art and production photos sure to spoil all the magic for you!

Dancing Doodie Doodles!

We may have devised the best summer intern challenge of all time when we asked our squad of 3 Jibterns to present us with a variety of dancing doodies in preparation for an upcoming card.  The result was hilarious and strange smattering of muck!  Which dookie design won?  You’ll have to wait for the final […]