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Our product team has loaded up the development pipe with more new web features than you can shake a stick at. That means if you saw our Director of Development’s to-do list, you would want to crawl under a blanket and call out for your mommy. Does Chris do that? Heck no! In his spare time (which, trust us, is minimal) he taught himself how to develop software for the iPhone and then built a prototype for an awesome JibJab iPhone app. There’s nothing we prize more here at JibJab than passion and inventiveness and Chris has both in spades. As a result, a very cool iPhone app is in your future. Stay tuned…


5 responses to “iJibJab?”

    • Hi Lori, Sorry at this time our site requires Flash to view the videos. We will let you know if we develop an app in the future. Thanks!

  1. That’s a shame. Adobe stopped development for flash for mobile platform awhile ago. Personal computing is obviously moving or as moved to the mobile platform. Yet Jib Jab has not made proper moves to keep up with the times. Not only is it disservice to your customers, but it a huge loss of income since this article was published in 2009. Will JibJab be the next Kodak fail ?

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