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When it was decided we were going to change up our office space, Gregg and Evan took the time to explore ideas for decorating the office in cool ways that would keep us inspired.  One of their ideas spun out of our JIBJAB: LAB – a text-pattern design that Andy created. They thought it would be awesome to paint giant quotes from people we admire on the walls in his style. Gregg then emailed the team asking us to submit our favorite inspirational quotes.

After choosing some of the best quotes like “Simple is Good” – Jim Henson & “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs and throwing in a little of Andy’s design magic, we brought in a crew to get all the letters up on the wall.  Of course we createed a video of the project – check out the time lapse:

Now as we look at the quotes surrounding our mission, “Billions of People Happy,” we can’t help but smile & continue to create fun stuff for all of you!


2 responses to “Quote Wall!”

  1. My favourite (that’s the way we spell it in the UK)quote –
    “Where there’s a will, there’s a relative”

  2. Nice job! I love the way you decorated your wall filled with quotes. I am sure it will make the staff work better.

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