Scene 9 – Obamacare

One of the biggest presidential flops of the year came in the form of zeros and ones. The launch of the new government insurance website was nothing but problems for folks, causing people to wait for hours or not being able to access at all!

When Evan was given this shot to animate, he had several options of explosions at his disposal. While some had more fire and others more smoke, what ended up in the short was the one that had the most debris (and would likely require the most insurance!)

FUN FACT: When designing the characters for this piece, we tried several approaches. The one that won us over the most was the one of Obama that showed even though you can illustrate over the eyes, you can still use the mouth/nose/cheeks/otherfeatures to identify celebrities!

OTHER FUN FACT: Jim Meskimen, who has been our voice talent goto-guy for years including Ahnuld and George Bush, also reprised his role of Obama for this shot!

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 5.41.30 PM

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