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Behind the Scenes of 2013 What a Year!


Welcome to the Behind the Scenes blog for 2013’s Year in Review — What a Year! We’re proud to present the ultimate breakdown of how we made our latest short, so click on for photos, videos and stories!


13 responses to “Behind the Scenes of 2013 What a Year!”

    • Hi Charles, are you looking to share the Year In Review video on Facebook? If so, you can view the video on YouTube here: . Once there, click the “Share”, then the Facebook icon. You’ll be prompted to login, and then you can post to your wall with your own caption. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  1. I did not want to extend my membership but the membership fee came out of my account anyway. How do I resign this membership?

  2. The PoPo said I had to “go go”
    With out my Beer Yo’
    But all I was doin’
    Was smokin’ a joint through Colorado?

  3. I think it’s wonderful that you folks are willing to share the stuff that didn’t work, and the early cuts of things that did. Too many people think that the creative process is such that the final product springs to life out of thin air.

    It doesn’t.


  4. i think in 2014 they should do some think big for next year in 2014 cause it would cool if they did like with
    a lot of funny things and a lot of big pop ups for 2015 it could go world wide on jibjab and maybe youtube!!

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