Monthly Archives: August 2010

Birthday Balloon Bloopers

We’ve launched a snappy new 9 second eCard today that features a bunch of balloons! Though it may be short, you have no idea how much work went into making the card you see above.  It all started when Evan wrote a zippy little song about birthday balloons, one of the most iconic Birthday images […]

Operatic eCards are Here!

Two new Operatic eCards were launched today, one for Birthdays and another as an Apology eCard!  We had an honest-to-goodness opera singer (Christopher Macchino) record the vocals for this one, and it took the eCard to the next level, making it so catchy that we’ve all had “The Barber of Seville” stuck in our heads […]

At Long Last… Search Comes to JibJab!

It was at the top of our most wanted list. It was at the top of your most wanted list. As our library has grown to over a thousand pieces of content, having search functionality has been both a no-brainer and major technical challenge to us, especially as we have wanted to present our users […]

From 2005: Looking Back on Bud

JibJab is and has always been a little obsessed with beer.  Take 2005 for instance, when we teamed up with Budweiser to animate their infamous Clydesdale and Lizard mascots for a “ditch the hard stuff, go with beer” campaign. It put us in the studio with live chameleons, super soakers and… well, free beer! We […]

JibJab <3s Star Wars Uncut

Annelise Pruitt and Casey Pugh, the masterminds behind the Star Wars Uncut project, stopped by the studio today! We showed them our stuff, so now we’re showing you their stuff… an ingenious collaboration project that tapped fans to recreate the entirety of Star Wars: A New Hope, second by second. Based out of New York, […]

Operatic eCards on the Way

Here’s a quick teaser, meet JibJab’s Opera Man, headed to the site in a series of eCards very soon!

A JibJab Panel at SXSW? Yes Please!

SXSW, the conference/festival for everything interactive, film and music held an open call for panel ideas this summer, which we could not resist. There are a few thousand entries for panels to be held at the interactive portion of the fest, and we think we’ve got something that’s never been done before, a panel that […]

Goodbye Rockiltree

After 6 years of JibJabbing, longtime writer and Director of Development Andy Ochiltree left JibJab for business school on Friday… and we’re sad. We threw him a grand bash complete with Andy masks, which we found ourselves drawing on, affixing to walls, affixing to Ochiltrees and affixing to each other. We’ll miss Andy, but hey, […]

Techno Jumper

Welp, Skyler had these Power Strider spring-loaded-stilt-legs delivered to the JibJab offices.  Needless to say, they deserved a test-run in our parking lot.  He took them down to Venice beach where a local dubbed him “Techno Jumper”.  We think the name fits well.

Go Deeper into The Latex

Whoa.  We just released The Latex, an awesome parody of The Matrix (duh) that you can star in!  Some incredible artwork got jammed into this one and it would be a shame not to share hi-res images of our backgrounds with you guys.  Click the images below for a better look, right click to save […]

From 2007: Looking Back at Unnecessary Force

It’s early August and the entire staff is hard at work on, of all things, Halloween content.  What’s crazier is that those who aren’t working on Halloween stuff are working on Christmas stuff.  Rather than take a peek at seasonal stuff out of season, we thought it would be fun to do a throwback and […]

Supporting Local Farmers at JibJab

It must be grocery week at JibJab!  In addition to our shout out to the folks at Ready, Set, Bag!, Gaby has taken up an initiative to get us some vitamins and minerals, all while supporting local community schools and farmers.  We’re now getting weekly bags of veggies and fruits from CSA California, a group […]

Ready, Set, JibJab!

JibJab buddy Oren Jacob has been traversing the country, stirring up support for the movie Ready, Set, Bag!, a film that follows eight folks in their quest to be named the best grocery baggers in the country.  Oren is executive producing, with his wife Justine in the director’s seat, and together they’ve had the folks […]

The Latex is Coming!

We are one week away from the launch of The Latex, our big, bad summer blockbuster done up JibJab style.  The original idea has been brewing here for years, ever since we made our “The Latex” postable.  To tide you over until next week’s big release, here is a preview of some of the character […]