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Behind the Scenes of 2014: YOU ARE HISTORY!


Welcome, dear JibJabbers, to the Behind the Scenes blog for 2014’s Year in Review, lovingly entitled “2014: YOU ARE HISTORY!”

We here at JibJab are proud to present the ultimate breakdown of how we made our latest epic short (is that a contradiction?), so click on the links below for photos, videos, and stories! It’s sure to be a lot of fun… and you might just learn something, too. (JK, LOLz.)

5 responses to “Behind the Scenes of 2014: YOU ARE HISTORY!”

  1. I was reading the blog posted and honestly the year in review was the only reason for visiting. I am not sure of the reasons, but I hope that you will reconsider. It was truly entertaining. I am sure it is over and if so thanks for the 10 years.

  2. Well, it’s almost 2017 now. It would be really nice to have a year in review for such a shitty year as 2016. Nobody does it like JibJab!

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