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New eCard – Cakezilla

What is brown, larger than sky scrapers and enjoys eating cake? Cakezilla! In our newest birthday eCard we see this building busting, cake destroying beast wreak havoc on a tasty birthday treat. We got to talk more with Anna Bron about the woman behind the monster. -Where did you go to school? I went to Sheridan College, in Ontario, Canada. […]

New Starring You eCard – You’re Still Cool

Our new Starring You birthday eCard, You’re Still Cool, takes us back through the decades showing that fashion trends & dancing styles come and go, but coolness is forever! Our director of eCards, Jeff, came up with the animatic for this timely card and artist Dean Heezen animated it into the colorful eCard we see today. We got to […]

New eCard – Fun House Mirrors!

Why a mirror that morphs your body is called fun is beyond us, but in our newest birthday eCard, Fun House Mirrors, we see one birthday lady that will let nothing stand in her way of a good birthday. This week’s new birthday eCard comes from the super talented Cheyenne Curtis. She brings some girl […]

New eCard – Never Ending Fun

As with most birthdays you never want the fun to stop. And in our newest eCard, Never Ending Fun, we see that sometimes the fun really does never seem to end. We got to talk with Art Grootfontein to find out about the artist behind the long dog. – How long did this card take […]

New Birthday eCard – Beer is Totally Awesome!

With our newest birthday eCard, Beer is Totally Awesome, you can say Happy Birthday with some fun fruit puns and an adult beverage. Our very own Ashlyn came up with the concept and animation for this card. She has been with JibJab a little over a year creating eCards galore and writing & illustrating children’s […]

New eCard – Hungry Beaver!

With the arrival of our newest birthday eCard, Hungry Beaver, we decided to pick the brain of the artist Ken Turner. Though this card is short and sweet, it sure takes a bite out of birthdays! 1) Where did you get the idea? Well the idea and execution was all there in the story reel animatic.  […]

New eCard – Forever Immature

In our newest birthday eCard, Forever Immature, we see that age is just a number and that growing older does not necessarily mean growing up. We talked with talented Beto Gomez to find out more about the process and the coming of age of his art. 1.) Where did you go to school? I graduated at Vancouver […]

Interns Join the Team This Summer

It’s that time again, when the summer sun heats up the beach and the days are so long it is light until 8:30pm. It’s also the time of year we fill our office with the fresh faces of the interns. We had an extremely difficult time narrowing down the talent, but after multiple school visits, […]

Magical Brew-The Writing Process

The newest addition to our St. Patricks’s Day eCard collection, Magical Brew, is set to a very catchy Irish jingle! Our in-house writer, Scott, is the lyrical genius behind it, so we sat down with him to get the scoop on how he gets into his writing groove. Have you ever written a song like […]

How Does He Do It?!

If you are a fan of our political satire and enjoy the impressions in our songs, than Jim Meskimen’s latest video of celebrities performing Shakespeare is a must watch.  How does he do it?!

Year in Review Vocals Recorded!

We just recorded vocals for our annual Year in Review and as usual, we called upon our mega-talented friend Jim Meskimen. Check out his holiday video…

The Viral Voice

You remember the guy who is the voice behind our Original videos, Jim Meskimen. You know his George Bush impression from This Land and you’ve already heard his Bill Clinton. But what about his George Clooney? Or Woody Allen? Craig Ferguson? No?  Then check out his latest viral video!  In it he performs Clarence’s speech from William […]

On Location: Our All Nighter Figure Skating Shoot!

Several months ago we posted a flyer up at the Pickwick Gardens skating rink in Burbank, looking for a pair of professional figure skaters to show us their stuff and hopefully put on an impressive display for a new ‘Starring You’ video. Boy did we luck out! Soon after our posting, we were contacted by […]

Intern Force, Assemble!

It’s that time of year again.  The days are longer, the temperature is up, trees are looking their greenest and the interns have returned to JibJab!  Hailing from CalArts, we’re excited to have the extreme talent of Marcos, Glenn and Romney here for the warm months to help us with our numerous big summer projects.  […]

Jarl’s in Charge

Typically, we like to use friends and family when we cast a secondary character in one of our Original videos.  For our upcoming Obama video, we needed to find someone in their 40/ 50s with a commanding physical presence to play a military General, and nobody from our immediate circle fit the bill.  So where […]