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Daily Scrum

When we’re developing new technologies, schedules move fast and change often.  That’s why our tech team rounds up once daily for a scrum meeting, a simple way of letting everyone know what has been accomplished, what is on the plate for the day and what hurdles may be in their way.  Having a daily development […]

Our Intricate Tree Set

Anyone who has thoroughly perused JibJab has probably noticed our intricate stop-motion animations.  There have been an array of amazing clay creatures seen on our site and this week we’ve been breathing life into this quirky little pine tree using the infamous frame by frame capture process.  It’s mind meltingly tedious work, but the end […]

A Few Good Causes

What’s with this blog?  It’s always us, us, us!  Today we want to turn the focus to a few causes that we’ve supported in the past and want to share for people to support through the future!  First up is Dallas Clayton’s children’s literacy project, the Awesome World Foundation.  Dallas is a JibJab friend who […]

And the Winner Is…

Our Soul Train contest was won by Kevin Lo, who made a funky Soul Train video starring his kids and amassed 100 people to press the “like” button on his Facebook wall. We think you’ll agree that it’s completely deserving of the win. Kevin will be receiving the package of prizes which we announced earlier […]

Feeling Sporty

With the fall season underway, we’re doing our part to get our Sports section filled up.  Our disgustingly dope design team came up with three sports stills this week, with a few more on the way (racing anyone?).  Check them out, especially the boxing one.  It features our marvelous new black eye technology!

JibJab at TechCrunch50

For those who missed it streamed live, our presentation from TechCrunch50 (the ultimate conference for web start-ups) is now up.  The good folks over at Facebook Connect were incredibly awesome enough to let us talk as part of the Facebook Developer Garage presentation and Gregg wowed em with examples of how we integrated Facebook connect […]

International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Here at JibJab, we have an affinity for pirates. We work in a pirate ship, after all. That’s why in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day this Saturday the 19th, we’re posting up a secret category with our favorite pirate stuff from the website, plus a few fun things we threw together. Give […]

Kanye Responds to Sammie’s Great Escape…

Dave from our design team whipped this up today in response to Sammie’s Escape video 😀

Yep, We’re Thinking About Christmas

As raging wildfires burn 40 miles from us and Los Angeles sees triple digit temperatures, we’re thinking cool thoughts.  Here’s some BG art we’ve been working on for the holiday season.

Insert Inserts Here

There’s nothing we value more at JibJab than outside-the-monitor thinking. That’s why Gregg, our co-founder, was so excited to see a collection of magazine subscription inserts spread out across our product manager’s desk this morning.  Johan has been working on ways to better communicate the value of a JibJab Membership at checkout and rather than […]

Caramel Apple Wagon!

The Wagon Wednesday tradition continues. While usually filled with candy, sometimes margaritas or ice cream sundaes take us by surprise. Today was another show stopper as Amia rolled in with fresh apples, homemade caramel dips and tons of toppings for caramel apples! Between the krispies, peanuts, marshmallows, chocolate candies and honey of today’s Wagon Wednesday […]

Men in Makeup

Gregg and Evan were on Fox Business News this past Saturday for something a little different than the average interview fare… a full hour of discussion on running a small business and taking e-mails and calls live on air.  Now normally (sitting around in front of computers all day) we hardly need to shave or […]

Grab Pictures from Facebook While on JibJab!

Have you been signing into JibJab with Facebook connect?  If not, then you’re going to be missing out on some pretty cool features!  The latest released yesterday, the ability to pull photos straight from Facebook to JibJab’s Starring You creation process.  Check the video for the run down on how to raid your photo albums […]

New Everyday Fun Structure!

Use this video to better aquaint yourself with the new structure of Everyday Fun on JibJab!

Here’s to Beer!

We had the official team viewing of our upcoming Weird Al Yankovic video today, in celebration of the project’s completion!  We’re not giving any peeks away, but our tech team got a kick out of seeing the full video for the first time, as we watched with beers in hand.  The JibJab mini-fridge has an […]