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JibJab has had warm fuzzy feelings for NASA ever since they called us for a copy of “This Land” to send to the International Space Station.  In honor of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, we’re busting out all of our most moon-centric and spectacularly spacey Sendables. Did someone give you a lift in […]

Getting in the Mixergy [Update]

If you haven’t checked out yet, you owe it a click.  This morning, Gregg Spiridellis represented half of the JibJab founding duo on a live interview that streamed from the site.  Mixergy’s thing is really unique: Founder Andrew Warner interviews the people behind start-ups and successful business ventures, providing a catalogue of really great […]

A Tale of Two Studios

We have a secret we’ve been hiding from you. As we hope you can understand, we always try to show you our good side. Thus, we tend to show you pictures of our studio that are nice and clean and tidy like this: However, as we hope you can also understand, we’re aren’t always so […]

Staff Picks

A site feature that we added a little while ago, and that we love, is called ‘Staff Picks’. It’s exactly what is sounds like: It shows a JibJab employee, their favorite eCard and an explanation of why they like it. Here’s an example showing Lauren (yes, she does always look like that): You can find […]

Vacationers Beware

As much fun as it is to work here at JibJab — see here and here and here — even we need a vacation. However, the JibJab elves, who have apparently not left the building for the season, like to punish those who dare to take some time off. While Tim was away, all the […]

New head placement tools!

We had so much fun with the video tutorial yesterday that we decided to do another one! You ever upload a head to one of our Starring You cards and found that the head just doesn’t fit right? Well, we now have a solution for you:  last week we added the ability to move your […]

New ways to browse our stuff

If you hadn’t noticed it already, we’re excited to let you know we added five new ways to sort content within each Category page (Ex: Movies): 1. Videos 2. Pictures 3. Starring You 4. Top Picks 5. Newest Rather than try to explain this all out for you in words, we decided to have some […]

Plushie Workshop!

We’ve been slacking on our company-wide workshops this month, as our noses went to the grindstone for “He’s Barack Obama”, but today the workshops have returned! For the uninitiated, we have so many talented people here with so many different , every once in a while we all sit down and try to pass along […]

Spreading the Word

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Figuring out how to get our work out there to as many people as possible has always been as central to our success at JibJab as creating the videos. You can create and produce the […]

Take the Tour!

Those who are already members may have missed this rad behind the scenes tour we put together, as it only shows up for those who are not signed up for the site.  It’s so fun, we had to share it with everyone, so take a gander and get a good feel for what we’re all […]

Something Weird This Way Comes

JibJab friend and collaborator Weird Al Yankovic stopped by the studio today! We’ve grown a lot since we last collaborated with him in 2006 for the music video to “Do I Creep You Out” , so we gave him the grand tour and a sneak peek at our various top secret projects in development. On […]

Facebook Exclusive: Free Download of ‘This Land’!

Joining up as a fan of JibJab on Facebook has many perks, the coolest of which may be a free download of our mega viral hit “This Land”!  How do you snag your own copy of it, for keeping forever?  First, click this link and add yourself as a fan on Facebook.  Then go to […]

Showing Some Serious Support

Some venture capital investors write checks, attend board meetings and make strategic business introductions for their companies.  Our lead investor, Jon Flint, who is co-founder and managing general partner of Polaris Venture Partners, takes it one steps further.  He gets down to the grass roots level, making Starring You pictures and videos and sharing them […]


We’re happy to announce that we’ve been hard at work on our next big political satire!  Our skewering of Obama is set to be our most rocking piece yet, literally.  We’ve assembled an all star band of legendary rockers to craft a new song of epic proportions.  Gaze upon their rock, mortals… On lead guitar […]

A Funny Guy, eh?

Andy, our brilliantly funny writer and Director of Development, works with artists and editors to produce dozens of projects for the site at a time. Pitching projects and writing scripts all day keeps him perennially buried under piles of outlines and half-baked ideas.  Literally. You can see his comedic mark all over the site, he’s […]